I wasn’t aware of it till I heard the news about the enforcement of the news about load shedding schedule in BBC (yes it was on BBC headline) 70 hrs a week which was exactly double of what Nepali were experiencing for the time being. The valley will have the electricity cut off 62 hrs a weeks and the rest 70 hrs. till then I didn’t know about NEA( Nepal electricity Authority), so called only government institution making maximum profit, has been running on debt for few years. Good news to NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation); you have got a company! LOL!! The new load shedding schedule seems to have made everyone busy except me hehe. School and college seems to have been busy rescheduling the practical classes and labs, teachers teaching through projectors seem to have been busy rescheduling their classes, housewives busy on rescheduling their cooking hours while I am happy on getting extra hour of my tight hug of my favorite pillow under my nice blankets in the cold morning. Hehe. You don’t need to tell me I am lazy because I already know that but I guess you really need to let NEA know theat. While designing electricity demand few years or decades back they must have forecasted what present demand would be. They seem to have done nothing though they know the production was going to be insufficient. Or may be the government don’t let them do anything I don’t know what’s the reason. But I guess someone has defeated me in laziness. LOL!! To be honest I have nothing to lose due to this load shedding. I get to sleep 7pm in the evening, eat my dinner as early as 6:45; don’t have to wake up before 8 in the morning. Even my love of listening music, need not to be sacrificed due to the help of Chinese products. I just need to make sure they are charged as the light comes. You might be thinking how I am going to write my posting with no electricity right? To be honest it has done much more help. I write them up in my cell phone before I type in my pc. All I miss is reading my Novel “Lucky” by Alice Sebold which I have been trying to finish for abut a week. But I wish my country doesn’t sleep just like me or what’s going to happen to 22 million people except me hehe. For me it’s ok but you can’t go after the benefit of a single person in a republican country like Nepal can u? LOL! I heard Nepal is going after the thermal plant to fulfill the present additional demand but I didn’t find what’s fascinating about it in spite of all the engineers’ disagreement about the decision! Might the government is fascinated about the decrease in price of petroleum products on which everyone’s sure WONT LAST FOR LONG! Or may be the government is just trying to save NEA though it has to sacrifice NOC. I feel it more like replacing the right hand from being eaten by the machine by the right one. Or who knows government is more interested in the rate of Rs. 30 or even more per unit after the production which would definitely be a great revenue ;) what I am worried about is how it will make people willing to pay Rs 30/unit when they are already thinking Rs 7/unit is an expensive price to pay. Government must believe in the line “with poverty line of 30.9% (2001), Nepal is poor but its people are still rich”. With every engineers and technician stating the approach towards thermal plant isn’t feasible, it would still be wrong to say the government is deaf if it don’t take the advice. Because it’s not deaf but dead sleeping as it has been for the past few years. I am sorry to say though being the student of engineering I can’t forecast how long would it be sleeping. ;)
The government is planning to keep the thermal plant just as an alternative or more like a supplement which would be used for temporary period of time. But it’s found to be easier and economical to import electricity from India. Also it would take more than a year to install and start generating electricity from thermal plant while importing could just be done in couple of months. So why not go for the option two? Is it because the government is too much embarrassed to ask India just like me feeling difficult to ask question in the class with a thought what lecturer might think about me when every other student have understood? I do dare to ask question sometimes which makes me better than government. Hehe. Yes I am because at least I do wake up before 8am because I don’t want to be late for my class unlike government which is dead asleep.

Growing urbanization in the city, population growth, unhampered and poorly planned land development and insufficient coordination among government agencies as major causes of environmental deterioration as stated in the report presented by Kathmandu Valley Environmental Outlook released 25 January 2007 during the 10th Governing Council Meeting and Silver Jubilee of the South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme (SACEP). The main problem of KTM valley is the rapid urban growth, haphazard development, lack of access, traffic congestion, and deficiency of infrastructure and general lack of planning. The environment problem in Kathmandu valley is seen in all physical landscape and urban living: Land, water, air, noise. These problems are not only mutually exclusive but also combine together to give even worst effect on negative impact on environment and quality of life.
Environmental challenges and their causes in KTM valley and Nepal as a whole:
Solid waste and wastewater management are mentioned as two of the most critical environmental problems facing the Valley. "Managing solid waste and wastewater in Kathmandu has become a daunting task as urban areas have grown haphazardly without provisions or plans for appropriate infrastructure and services in these sectors," the by Kathmandu Valley Environmental Outlook report states. Other environmental problems highlighted include poor air quality and traffic management, unplanned settlement, degradation of water resources, and weak disaster preparedness. The environmental problem can be listed as below
: Land Pollution:
The main reason for the Land pollution in the KTM valley is due to the lack of solid waste management. The land pollution can be seen in the valley from the evident in the heaps of uncollected solid waste, illegal dump sites, open landfills, and exposed human and animal excreta in the streets. The most common sight in the KTM valley is the open latrines. Even though some of the business groups have tried to dispose their wastage through organized group the absence of proper landfill facilities, the debris has always created a problem for the proper disposal of wastes and which are ultimately end up on land or in water sources like river and ponds.
Water Pollution:
Surface water in KTM valley is severely polluted by the industrial effluence, waste dumping and the discharge of untreated sewage for residents. It is worth to be noted here that the small and mini scaled industries produce more waste than the large scaled industries in compared to the waste created per unit. Lack of proper sanitation and drainage in urban and rural areas has also resulted in dumping of sewage and garbage into the rivers. In most cases, the drainage system, which was designed for storm water only, is being used as a sewer; and the sewage directly flows into the river without any treatment.
The seepage from the septic tanks contaminated ground water in most of the urban areas. The fact tells that virtually all the Kathmandu homeowners build private septic tanks in their generally tiny land plots- often covering just 60 square meters- without sufficient room for soak pits. The still toxic semi- treated effluent from the tank cannot find adequate area for dissipation and concentrates in the residential yards.
Similarly the water provided to the people through the supply pipes are itself not good for health. Primarily the intake storage itself is contaminated and secondly the intermitted supply through the pipe creates suction inside the pipe creating the possibility for the underground and the leaked sewage get mixed into the supplied water wherever possible. Empirical studies of drinking water throughout Nepal have found that the fecal coliform contamination in the water consistently exceeds WHO guidelines for water considered fit for human consumption. According to the same study, the laboratory analysis of tap water from representative locations of the KTM urban area disclosed that almost 90% of the sample was importable.
Air Pollution:
Air pollution is becoming a significant problem in urban areas in Nepal, particularly in the bigger cities. Kathmandu Valley is particularly vulnerable to air pollution because of its bowl-shaped topography which restricts air movement.
Rapid urbanization, poor transport management and maintenance is leading to deteriorating air quality in the Kathmandu Valley, where population more than doubled between 1995-96 and 2003-2004, the report Kathmandu Valley Environmental Outlook said. Vehicular emissions were cited as a primary cause. According to the report, exhaust fumes increased by four times between 1993 and 2001 and PM10 concentration tripled over the past decade. Around 1,600 premature deaths yearly are attributed to poor air quality and health costs reached 210 million rupees (close to US$3 million) in 1990. Availability of agricultural land is also being hampered by increasing urbanization, the report said. Between 1984 and 2000, agricultural land in the valley decreased from 62% to 42%. "If this trend continues, by 2025 there will be no agricultural fields left in this once fertile valley," the report says.
Noise Pollution:
Outdated vehicular engines, increased air traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and the siting of industries near residential premises are fast turning noise pollution into a major problem in urban Kathmandu. Weak transportation planning and virtual lack of traffic discipline on the apart of the drivers result in near continuous sounding of horns in the streets of Kathmandu.
There are many reasons for the growth of noise pollution from aircraft in KTM valley. Firstly TIA is located in close proximity to the centers of population. Secondly there is the rapid grow in air crafts and thirdly the physiographic configuration of the valley limits choice of flight paths for the air crafts. Outgoing jet planes must circle mountains of KTM valley. Incoming jet planes also circle the valley before landing.
While the growth in trade and tourism has created jobs and improved living standards, development in the last 30 years has created several physical, social, and environmental problems in Kathmandu. The fragile ecosystem is affected severely by uncurbed building and incompatible economic activities.
"Institutional weaknesses in managing urban development have resulted in haphazard growth, manifested in unplanned settlements, increase in vehicular emissions, polluting industries in or near urban areas, traffic congestion, and poor waste management. Kathmandu will continue to grow in future and, if rational planning and development strategies are not formulated, its growth will become a nightmare in the environmental sense," the report adds.
None of the big parties who fought the last general elections made environment an explicit agenda and those who did didn’t stand on what they said about launching the programmes like providing access to clean drinking water, and improving health standard. Environmental issues have not been treated as a separate package.
The major handicap with Nepal in environmental protection is that it has very weak institutional setup and therefore monitoring of environmental impacts and enforcement of regulations are nowhere to be seen. Worse, environmental rules, regulations, standards are in the initial state of formulation and enforcement. The only standards that are in practice for some years are vehicular emission standards. But monitoring of vehicles emissions is so weak that such provision has not stopped polluting vehicles yet.

Improved planning and zoning, land pooling, better solid waste management, rainwater harvesting, a variety of infrastructural and technical measures and vastly improved coordination and enforcement can be some of the meditative measure that can be applied to control the growing environmental problem of KTM and Nepal as a whole. Community mobilization was also cited as critical to achieving these goals, particularly in an area that is prone to natural disasters.
Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is committed to address the mounting challenges of urbanization; its impact on the environment, society and economy and take a leading role in promoting environmental stewardship building mutual support and cooperation with cities in Asia Pacific region. As concrete demonstration of this commitment, by the year 2010, KMC will:
(1) Improve transportation and waste collection system;
(2) Select and construct more transfer stations and landfill site;
(3) Promote public participation and behavioral change by establishing more nature clubs, training programs and regular integrations with locals;
(4) Conduct media campaign for waste segregation at source
(5) Lobby tax exception for material recycling;
(6) Manage and implement community-based clean up programs such as street clean-up, community parks, historical places and temples and river clean up programs;
(7) Promote household composting programs by providing compost bins and bags at 45% subsidy rate;
(8) Co-operate with central government to precede establishment of long-term landfill site;
(9) Expand more community-based recycling center and medium scale vermi-composting;
(10) Promote biogas technology from vegetable waste and night soil waste;
(11) Mobilize school children and local communities for environmental activities;
(12) Provide training and assistance to community groups interested in environmental protection;
(13) Mobilize youth city volunteers as a linkage between KMC and citizens in environmental campaign;
(14) Assist locals in marketing recycled products and provide a forum for recycling industries to display a raising of public awareness programs through mass media such as message board, exhibition, metro FM and national televising to promote their products;
(15) Implement Kathmandu Metropolitan City's (KMC) Public-Private-Partnership guidelines;
(16) Prepare the Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Bi-laws in partnership with UN-Habitat and a local NGO;
(17) Enforce sanitation bi-laws.
(Collected from http://kitakyushu.iges.or.jp/cities/cities/kathmandu.html)
If the above plans made by KMC are met on time, there would be no doubt that the environmental pollution will not only be decreased but also removed to a greater extend.

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Here is the memory of the day we had conducting our hydro power practicals which turn out more like a photography than the real practical. hehe. we were trying out the most unique and the new pose for the pictures to be taken by our friend. May be we had that fun because its the last day for us to enter into the heavy lab or may be the added loadshedding gave us the golden change. lol. No any thanks to the loadshedding because it forced us to finish the four week practical in a single day. but no one would deny it wasnt a fun. so here we are busy to take pictures rather than getting busy in reading the experiment datas. hahaha

"Sorry Rahika your picture is the first one to start with though it was the last oneI uploaded. I didn't know also follows 'the last in first out' system. If anyone wondering what she is doing I bet I don't know lol because I didn't pay attention to that practical. As far as i know it is the most time consuming practical of three and named "reciprocating pump". Guys my apologies if I am mistaken. Good going Prajapati....... hehehe

Here comes my best friend Rabin Maharjan, a very good friend and the most helping friend you can even get in this whole world. Do you realy believe me??? hahahahahahha. Hey man you can't make me jealous anymore! sorry for others who don't understand what I am saying. its kinda secret between Rabin me!

I kind of try to focus the one and only guy in whole pulchowk campus who has a lot of girlfriends in though he never proposed.hehe Tell you what he falls in love with every beautiful girl the very first time he sees her but the tragedy is its only upto him! can anyone spot the guy??

I don't think I have to tell anything about this guy! trying to take the attendence? definately not just checking out if I was marked absent in the previous practical class!

This is Rohan in his new Jacket. just because you bought your Jacket at the lower price than Pankaj doesn't mean that the shopkeeper didn't cheat on you. hahaha


WOW! that was a cute smile Rohit. and I must say your mobile has a damn good camera. coz of you this could happen.

This is little bid dark because of the anti light. but i must say the pose is great.

I can hardly figure it out what i was doing this time.
Hey you remind of my uncle who took the picture in the same pose when he visited hongkong!
Some one is looking cute. I must say this or she will kill me hahaha. She is a tom boy of my Project and that's why I never felt there is a girl in our team. we four boys right Sabina?? ;)
Rohit knows how to give a different pose in every picture. The guy who loves travelling.
If you all are wondering what's the pipe at the side of my picture well its a draft tube of a Francis trubine.
Hey that's a copyrighted pose Rohan. and everyone looking great at the side of this turbine.
If anyone of you thinking the left V-symboled hand on the top of Sabina's head is mine then you all are wrong. I think its Ravi whoelse could be more mishchievous!

Do you think I am trying to teach Sabina about the Pelton wheel turbine? If so then you are all wrong. we are just in the pose to take the picture hhehe

Improperly taken picture. Rohit is going to be a bad photographer! hehe
Here is one more unique pose by Mr Rohit Thapa.
At last ofcourse it's the picuture of Jet of water hitting the weels of pelton turbine forcing it to turn and produce electricity.

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What’s wrong with me? Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with me? Why I have so many questions yet so little answers? Why things bother me so much when I know they don’t mean a thing? Why am I so carried away though I know what I am worried about is just a waste of time? Hwy everything isn’t what it seem to be? Why sometimes I am feel so much pain inside and yet can’t cry? And even if I did why cant it wash away all my pains along with it? Why a person who loves to be alone has to turn on a loud music just to create an illusion that he is not alone? Why my mind argues with me so loud when its dead silence around? What is the reason for my eyes to want to close when I am in light and to want to open when I am in dark? Why sometimes my heart pounds so heavily that I feel like it would burst my ears even though I am not horny? Why can’t I see the things except what it is? Why do I always have to keep trying to fit in? Why, even though I laugh so much couldn’t find the touch of happiness inside me? Why do I make fun with everyone instantly and drown into the loneliness in a minute? Why I am mad at someone on missing to figure out what my action has to say though I wish not to be found out? Why it always needed words to explain our feelings and what if we have no words?

There are a lot of things which words can’t define who will help me out if I needed to explain one of it? I have so many plans in my life and also so much of time? And later why I am always out of time? Why I am always trying to make things right when they are right already? What makes me think I am a hero or savior when I can’t save myself? Why don’t my senses respond when its time to do the right thing? Just like in my favorite Korean movies why I am all awaited with all my heart and soul for my first kiss- For the first touch of someone’s lips on mine? What’s so special about tasting someone’s lips anyway? Lol!! What has been keeping my hope alive about someone waiting so far from me to be touched, kissed and loved only by me? Don’t tell me it’s just a dream what if its? Where is the shade when I am all alone walking under the scorching sun? Whey isn’t the sadness flushed away although I am drenched in rain? Why I am always lied? Why can’t they tell me the truth even though how terrible it makes me feel? I would want to get hurt rather than living in a lie so who s going to tell me? Why do people find me so interesting and so boring after sometimes? Is it because they expect a lot from me? I don’t tell them I am very interesting then why do they judge me from the very start? I don’t even tell them that I am going to be the most boring person after sometimes is that the reason?

Why such a simple thing gets so complicated for me to understand sometimes? Why my life has to be such a higher degree equation instead of a linear one? But I bet everyone wants to have the same one then what would distinguish them for one another? Why are our few wishes always circum-circled by loads of consequences? When will I be able to make my own decision for my own sake and not for god sake? Why I am so scared of myself sometimes that I have to go on a long run? Isn’t it crazy that people would choose to die just to know if others care about him when he won’t even be alive to see it? Or am I not crazy myself taking with myself within the four walls of my room? Does it hurt you too when you are alone or when you don’t get what you want or when you feel no one cares about you? Can I search for my Santa even though I am not a Christian? What are the things that determine how important you are? Have you even felt you can’t see although your vision is so acute? Do your ears also want to hear Her own selected things? Have you ever wished to go to bed and never woke up again or ever woke up and wished to never go to sleep??

Most of the mornings –wake up at 5 am or sometimes even early just to let know if you are online. Mixed reaction in my mind- about what I am going to say if you are there and what I am going to do if you are not there. Log in - wishing that you be there. My heartbeat speeds up with the moving dots of downloading contact lists. With the information about the available stuff in mig33 store, “my heart” pauses - My thumb- anxious to press ‘continue’. You are not there. “My heart” stops and “my mind” takes over. “Must have been very tired last night that’s why - should be in deep sleep.”- “my mind” searches twice for the reason to stay online and with the hope that you will pop-out anytime I keep myself away and lay in my bed. After a couple of minutes “my mind” argues to log out. 7 am in the morning- “my heart” tells me someone is waiting for me. “It’s your illusion”- “my mind” denies but doesn’t want to enter into an argument and hence orders my fingers to log in to prove that “my heart” was wrong.
“My heart” –sad thinking about “my mind” would again take over if what she felt was wrong and that’s what happened. “My heart” still has a hope and asks “my mind” to wait –open ears – so as to hear the when I get a text. “Must have waken up and in the shower may be or preparing lunch” – “my mind” explains. “My heart” satisfied with the explanation and wishes to disappear before anyone else texts me. “ Must be busy with the house work-cooking- cleaning- and serving and eating self-then shower-and everything”- “My mind” explaining every possible reason to pacify my heart. Time for me to wake up- breakfast- and everything. Around 10 or 11 “my heart” breaks the ice - again hearing the alarm that someone is waiting for me. Helplessly "my mind" pushes the button and log in. "my heart" - trying to smile and sad at the same time - keeps. Her fingers - crossed hoping something to happen- asked “my mind” not to order to the fingers quickly but rather unfold the suspense slowly. Once again, its time for “my mind” to take over. “Don’t say you forgot that she takes a nap after her house work coz she gets tired”- if its Saturday and Sunday or- “she must be working you know- you can’t expect everyone has nothing to do just like yourself” if its other than the national holidays- “my mind” throws pitchy words this time to convince “my heart” which She couldn’t believe though heard it precisely. Some days the pessimism of "my heart" fills with rage to "my mind"’s comment and then demands to log out instantly arguing back; but most of the times she swallows it quietly and stays online.
2 pm in the after noon- “my heart” pushes “my mind” to order my fingers to log in again. Log in again to see the same- Couldn’t find the one who She is looking for. “Its time to pick up the kidz” “my mind” remembers the schedule and “my heart”- satisfied once more. If it was the day except Friday and Sunday then no explanation required because the reason was of course work. There was no point in waiting. “My heart” steps back as She knows after work it’s shower time and then cooking dinner. And by the time dinner is over, it would already be 8 pm or more. But there is still a ray of hope. “My heart”- optimistic than ever- wants to log in again around 7 and She finds the same result. “kidz need sometimes with the mother”-“my mind” argues with the best logic. With the appraisal to “my mind” “my heart” waits and it doesn’t last long as dc ends everything. She tries to come back again but dc and dc and dc. Now She doesn’t have an enthusiasm to log in again- gives up – calm- sad – depressed but still breathing. “My mind” cheers Her up telling Her its Her time after kidz. Due to which She logs in again at 9 or 10 hoping at least to say goodnight or if not; leave a mail. As She is in – find no one and sits down to write mail – She could think of nothing else but the same loneliness feelings which She doesn’t prefer to write coz that’s not what someone wants to read.” My heart” goes numb though has a lot of things to say but doesn’t utter a word. Sometimes even after writing a page, She orders to delete and sometimes while searching for the words that describe just the opposite of what I am feeling; dc over rules. Lately most of the time “my mind” hides its words and eyes helplessly stared at the cell phone all vacant. After the lights are out, there would be a tug of war between “my mind” and “my heart”. My body lies on the bed, sometimes, all wasted like it has been raped or a bliss less creature searching for the next body to stick together, the other times. My hand - to feel the heavenly touch-my lips to get blessed by the magnetic kisses and my ear to hear those three magical words. Hour turns into days - days into week – my wish still unfulfilled.

Dont tell me I am not crazy coz i know I am and dont think that i miss you alot its just I think about you alot!!!

Just to let you know – my heart started it with a rage and ended it with pleasure if you know what I mean.

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The following is the paragraph that i wrote when my cousin was getting married 20th april.

Going through the pages, one may find more blanks than those filled with the inks. Might it be my laziness or something else, I have this habit of keeping my works for tomorrow. And when they get piled up, my days would be in rush hour. This page was my target of yesterday but when I went to bed I forget everything except the sleep. Due to these frequent bands and curfew orders (today it is imposed curfew from 2 am in the morning till 8pm in the evening), I am forgetting my duties. My exam has been postponed to an indefinite time and so is my future. I am not, here, going to describe about the present situation of Nepal, there are certain things which I discovered yesterday. ‘I realized’ would be the proper phrase than I discovered.
It’s my cousin (maternal uncle’s daughter) who is getting married in nine days. This means, I would be the one who would be excited because I haven’t seen marriage as closely as I would do now. When I heard the news, I was overjoyed and thought of the day I would be having fun. The word ‘marriage’ made me think about the fun, laughter and happiness and many other things that brings smile on everyone’s face. This was only my thought which can rarely become reality. Yes, this particular day, I realized, once more I want to repeat this word, yes, I realized why a line is drawn between men and women in my society.
As I reached my uncle’s house there were the relatives gathering talking about the expenses and invitations that ought to be sent. They were estimating every minor event from cocktail to feast. They were calculating and recalculating. Everyone came up with their kind of ideas, some accepted and some denied. One of them remarked the greatest problem would be to serve than organization of feast. I disagreed but not utter a word. His work was to serve so he might have felt it the greatest problem. Everyone feels his/her part of work a giant elephant. The expenses went sky-rocketing due to the price hike on each material. After the estimation, there was a complete silence. I saw every face tired and exhausted before the real work. I felt as if I was there to mourn on someone’s death so I moved on to the T.V. room.
Everything is materialized here. It’s said that money can’t buy happiness but this day proved to me that happiness looses its charm without money. Money is the ultimate power which mightn’t buy happiness but can surely buy the means to be happy. The happiest moment, I thought about the marriage of my cousin, would have been ruined if the family hadn’t been able to expense money.

Here are the memory caught in camera of that lovely moments. The prettiest bride I have ever seem.:)

The groom is applying the sacred colour "sindur" along parted hair lines of bride:

The bride and Groom exchanging the ring:

The groom is applying the sacred colour "sindur" along parted hair lines of bride:
Groom giving bride a necklace- a promise to be with her for ever:

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10th November. Yesterday I had a wonderful night. It was so great probably better than making out with someone lol!! I didn’t sleep for more than three hours but I didn’t have a hang over in the morning. But to let me know there is calmness before every storm god had planned something fro me this day. I, unaware of how my day is going to turn out to be, had an enthusiastic start of –typing what I have written in my paper for my assignment.. I had planned everything by the way. Will finish typing by eight have it sent to pen drive and the only thing would remain is print it and submit it to the teacher that’s of course I am going to do in college. Everything was going perfect and as per my schedule in fact I finish it before eight, word count showed it within 1000 words excellent ; increasing more might not have been a problem what more could I ask for. I saved my assignment and I am happy that I finished it but it didn’t last long. As I inserted pen drive in USB port my pc freeze and so does my happiness. But wait a minute- the mouse and keyboard are still working. You can’t ruin my day- May be my pc needs sometime or just toying around with me. Better be working quick or get ready to get smacked!! Oh I forgot to stop scanning by Symantec that I just updated. But what's this. it’s detecting virus in system32. But why this antivirus does have problem when I don’t mind how many virus my pc has. I wish it could understand my feelings that I am in the middle of something. I have an important assignment to print and submit. Kaspersky has been giving trouble fro past few days. Every time I open the internet it says that kaspersky is blacklisted version. Yes! The very great anti virus that I have been seeing on most of the hoarding boards of KTM city. That’s why it’s on sale for such a minimum price. Oh boy!! What am I going to do now? I am not giving up that fast. Let’s see who is smarter me or u (my pc). I have an idea!! If I turn off my pc and then open it again it, it will be normal. Why not give it a shot? So I turn off my pc. When I started it again it didn’t. What happens when a monkey tries to outsmart? Gets his nuts cut!!! Damn it. My pc has never helped me when I am in need so why would it this time? I tried every way out- switched on and off for more than 10 times, remove n replacing RAM but all in vain. My bro was already out so there’s no one handy. I felt like kicking CPU and I would if I hadn’t loved her. Guess she doesn’t love me as much as I do. I left her naked didn’t even want to put on the side cover or casing whatever its called as I was getting late to catch my college bus.
The bus was supposed to arrive 15 minutes early to avoid daily traffic during office hour. I was in hurry and hungry as well so get myself a big plate but didn’t eat the lunch more than half of it. Its not because I didn’t want to eat but because the food had no taste. I and my bro have been leaving our plate half untouched for two weeks just to let my mom know that she is not cooking well but she didn’t seem to show any attention about why her kids are not eating whatever she cooked. May be she is busy with something else, I didn’t know, or may be she don’t understand what we are trying to tell her though our action or I should have used my words to tell her. But I would rather not tell her and eat out. Don't want to break her heart hehe!! And she is happy she doesn’t need to cook lol. I don’t want to let her know coz its better if she knows by herself-Can’t ask anyone to do things for me hehe. I just want her to want to do things. Stupid huh I don't know hehe Anyway by the time I reached my station I could find none of my bus mates. Have I just missed the bus? I was just early. My friend came later and together we waited. Unfortunately the bus didn’t come today and we had to board local bus. Not a big deal but when It stopped after 30 min in the middle of huge line, we were forced to get off and walk then. What a day I am having? Actually we got a vehicle that took us our college though I am already half an hour late. But its ok I'm used to it. Can’t complain the city traffic!
The deadline for the submission of assignment was shifted till Sunday at least that was good news. By the time I travelled a long distance from home to college, my common cold virus had travelled short distance from my nose to throat. It Seems like I got a passive virus but not anymore. It started attacking my esophagus making it itchy and here I stated coughing whole day. My body started responding and every time I cough I felt like my diaphragm is out. I spent a day just like an 80 years old man coughing to death. My eyes show me as if I have been sleeping whole day or as though I overslept. I looked so damn messy that’s really embarrassing. In the class I took the seat towards north so as to keep myself near to sunlight. During whole lecture 50% of my attention was to control the cough. My face some how red because of cough and all I wanted was to get home have medicine and just go to sleep. And I did get home with a little struggle inside the bus but that’s the part of my life- till I'm here I can’t escape from it. I had my dinner early this time I ate a lot and didn’t throw a single grain because I was very hungry. After that all I remembered was me collapsing into my bed. End of my bad day I thought but wait a min. it hasn’t yet. I had to use internet and finish my portion of hydro power project work. Here comes again my beloved one who is just ditched me this morning. I was sure my pc isn’t going to talk to me today but to my surprise it did and asked for my password. I logged in; all geared up for the work. My enthusiasm didn’t last long because there was no network at all. What a day!!! I informed my friend that I can’t do the work. Thank god someone else was available. Now all I wanted was to get rid of this day. By this time my bro moved into my room because his room was chilly and said he couldn’t sleep. We brought down his bed coz he knows I wont allow him to share my bed lol. That’s why he slept in his bed and me in my bed both in my room. He was invading my privacy- invading my peaceful environment to be specific. He snored the whole night as if it was his room, letting me listen to his heavy metal snore. Listening to him snore I didn’t know when I went to sleep!

The term technology means the process or the art by which human beings fashion tool and machines for better control and understanding of environment so as to ease their own lives. This shows the in depth relationship between the technological development and society. It is the well known fact that the technological development is nothing but the outcome of the need of society to perform particular task. Hence it can be said that the technological development came into existence only because there are social problems. These social problems that has hindered the human lives and limited them in performing certain tasks (that were believed impossible before technological development) helps in giving birth to the new technology. The existing systems or the life styles have some limitation; some misconceptions which are to be changed for the betterment of mankind and that is how an innovation is initiated.
Social problem is the condition of a society which is created due to the misconception or ill information of the people living in the society that affects certain groups of the society. Most of the social problems are those which weren’t considered as a social problem in the past and it is equally likely that the situation that is acceptable now may be revealed as a social problem in future. This revelation of social problem is done by the technological development. The social problems, as we know it now, were not a social problem in the past because of the lack of knowledge and incapability in distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. The technological development provided us light, sight and insight to observe and analysis not only the benefits of a group of people but also the cons in the lives of those suffered. A caste system in Nepal can be also the example to support what is explained above. This caste system (i.e. distinguishing a group of people from another) was imposed in Nepal in history in order to distribute the works throughout the nation so as an efficient development of the country can be achieved, people were differentiated in the name of caste as higher level or lower level and they perform the work as per their caste. This system made sure everyone has his own work according to his caste and the system was felt well till the time came when the discrimination started. The people working on low wages are then started to be seduced, misused, abuse and no longer treated as a member of society. The system originated the problem in inter caste marriage, respect on job and created a social violence. And with the technological development people started getting education and conscious about the lives they are living. The caste system that were considered best way to allocate works has now been proved to be a social problem but the irony is we still have the system of separate people in the name of caste and creed. Not only in Nepal, the segregation of people in two groups within black in Africa created a bizarre scene and mass massacre as the groupies outbreak in the name of political issues.
Slavery system which may either be in the form of Indians enslaved by British or Nepali enslaved by Ranas, is also social problem but till people knew how to read and write or speak for themselves it was nothing wrong to have or be a slave. Even slaves thought that its their bad omen and they might have done something wrong in the previous life which is why they are slaves in this life. But as the technological development progressed it was felt essential to abolish the slavery system. The invention of books, newspapers and knowledge of people made them realize the bad aspects of slavery system and give them positive thoughts about themselves and about what deserve. Apart from these, segregation in accordance to the sex, child labor, polygamy, alcoholism and many more are the social problems unmasked by the technological development. There was the time when women were treated as the second class of society as dominated by men, and we all must admit it still is in most of our society. Child labor wasn’t a social problem until new research show that they can adversely affect the child psychology. Polygamy is also an example of male based society, where a man can have as many wives as he wants but the present educated women can hardly tolerate it. The existence of law and order has prevented to some extent but it still can’t restrict a married man form having sex with other than his wife. Though polygamy has been considered as crime in most of the country, a married man sleeping with other women except his wife is still allowed now. This should surely be termed as a very serious social problem in future as the technological development continues. Similarly, alcoholism was an act of being social in the past which hasn’t been changed completely, is a social problem now and to some extent its control is being carried out.
And hence the unmasking of social problem continues as the technological development booms. Without the technological development people would still have been in dark and unknown about the situation they are living.

24th october 2008- a field visit on Naubise khola for our final year project. Tired of same field visits, walking the whole day in our empty belly which makes us so tired and worn out that we just wish it to end. Might it be the geology tour, hydrology tour or the irrigation tour. Dnt ask about the tour to a civil engineering student coz they have alot to say about it. Trust me there is no fun with that kind of tour as everyone would think they might be. But this tour was about to be different coz its not the tour sponsered by the college. Its the one we conducted for ourselves; for our own purpose. The start of the tour was just the opposite of was everyone might have thought. Travelling at the back of TATA mobile was definately a new experience for a long distance journey. who would choose to travel that way- except us lol!! The blowing hair of Sabina would tell how much fun it was to stand at the back of vehicle. hehe

Starting food- meat and beaten rice.. yummy rite?? but not for that early in the morning. Can't complain coz that's the only light food available at the local hotel except vaat-seems like damn heavy to me haha

Lets start walking now. A new trekking adventure has just began but what's this?? it ended after couple of hours as our leg started paining and body started responding. As we got more and more tired, crawling was the only thing we wish to do and also the only option for the steep slopes- may be the best part about tekking.

The automobile, one of the outstanding inventions of science, serves business, industry and social life as a whole for fast and easy transport of person and goods. Means of transportation has touched almost every aspect of society and therefore it’s impossible to imagine life without transportation. This is also the reason why the number of vehicles (private) is increasing in spite of alarmingly increase in daily congestion, accidents, pollution and the burning issue on scarcity of petroleum products.
With the increase in number of vehicles on the road, it has been a challenge for the highway engineers for the design of road and roadside structures. Observing the daily traffic jams, congestion and road accidents, it’s not only felt necessary but an immediate requirement to improve the performance of roadways or highways. But what are the factors that directly or indirectly affect their performance is the main question before answering how it can be improved. As in case of Nepal, maximum highways that might have been constructed following all the engineering procedure failed the maintenance process. In the absence of maintenance works, the useful life of pavement is drastically reduced deteriorating the pavement which ultimately results in the waste of high investment and sincere effort of engineers. If one observes closely, it would be found that the disturbance on the smooth operation of traffic doesn’t relay only on faulty design of pavement and intersection but the problem shifts somewhere else- somewhere o human characteristics and road user’s behavior. And it has already been proved that the number of road mishap stories due to human failure is much higher that that due to the vehicle or pavement failure.
The word ‘road user’ circumscribes all the group of people using the roadways for their journey. They include motorists, cyclists, cart drivers/rickshaw peddlers, pedestrians and highway / street child or adults talking or playing on or around the road. Human beings are directly involved in it along with their interaction with their vehicles in accordance with the surrounding environment. The road user’s characteristics may be physical, mental or emotional and psychological which directly determines their respective behavior on the road. Further more they can be distinguished as permanent type and temporary type.
Permanent characteristics:-
a. Vision:
Vision is a pre-requisite for safe driving. Without vision a person is incapable for safe driving although the technology might make it possible, if not now may be in future, but when it comes to safety a person must need to go through the perception- reaction to traffic situation before the actual collision or accident. In vision, the main concern is visual acuity; which means the ability to focus quickly and see fine details clearly. It includes depth perception- needed for distances judgment and speed during maneuver, peripheral vision- relates to an individual’s ability to see objects outside the cone of vision (limit of fairly clear sight is within cone of angle 10-12 degrees); color blindness – as about 8% of men and 4% of women are estimated to be suffered from color blindness and hence reduces the ability to distinguish between red and green, night vision- for night driving with headlights. Glare recovery is also important factor to be considered as glare from approaching headlights greatly reduces visibility. Hence form above, it is clear that the present tests which are carried out during license trial are superfluous and static in nature and need to be improved.
b. Hearing and smelling:
Hearing is the next important characteristics. The research has shown that drivers having hearing problem can have 1.8 times more accidents. Hearing is used to derive information about vehicle engines. Sirens, traffic signals, horns etc. in case of drivers here, half of the hearing is occupied by the music player which reduces the alertness. Smell, though not as important as vision or hearing, can help detect the leakage of petroleum or problematic tyres and hence can’t be neglected.
c. Sex:
Though not significantly, it is seen certain variation on the behavior of male and female. Males tend to drive faster and ready to drink and drive, whereas females are less experienced in the art of driving, slow in judgment process and easy to get distracted though not necessarily.
Temporary characteristics:
a. Drinking effect:
Alcohol, which after get absorbed into blood, affects directly to the brain and reduces the alertness of driver. This increases the reaction time as the visions is blunted and ultimately make them prone to accidents. As the mental process gets slow, the alcoholic tend to take more risks due to the ill-judged maneuvers. In Nepal it is seen that drinking and driving is mostly done during night which adds more risk to accidents as the low night visibility adds up the delay in reaction to stimuli.
b. Accident proneness:
Studies have shown that certain group of road users is more prone to accidents. For example drivers under 30 years are more likely to have accidents than those over 30. Women get into accident very less than men. Middle class drivers are less likely to suffer accidents than working class drivers, similarly highly trained/ experienced drivers are less likely than poorly trained ones. The other studies show the accident repeaters registered by the authority have aggressive tendencies, single, divorced or separated, also the more are semi- skilled or unskilled social groups, unemployed, consume excess quantity of alcohol regularly etc.
C. illness:
People having illness like heart ailments, epilepsy and diabetics shouldn’t drive. The illness may cause physical inability to drive, mental tension and lack of concentration.
Psychological factors:
Emotional factors as attentiveness, impatience, general attitude towards traffic and its regulation, maturity affects the reaction to traffic, situation to great extend. With the motive of getting more passengers, the drivers are found to divert their eyes on pedestrians rather than on the road. The struggle to reach a bus sop faster than next vehicle is the main reason of vehicle collision. The impatience in pedestrian, while crossing roads boarding a bus or getting off, may born many unexpected accidents. Due to the flexibility of traffic police (taking bribes to forget the drivers’ mistake) encourage drivers to be careless about the rules and hence disturb in the smooth operation of other vehicles. Distraction caused by non traffic events, absent minds, fear, anger and worries reduce alertness to traffic situation. There is always one in every five driver who is driving who is driving in anger that may be due to his or the conductor’s arguments with the passengers or simply because of the driver of next vehicle who has taken all his passenger. Most of the drivers don’t pay due respect to the traffic regulation whereas some other think they are the only one on the road.
The existing condition of road user characteristics and behavior can only be changed through efficient formulation and strict implementation of traffic rules and regulation, education and motivation to the people and awareness to the drivers and pedestrians. The change in the human behavior is not impossible but a slow process that may take long time. In spite of being slow, it must be carried out since we don’t have a choice.

I should find it hard to determine what was so exceptional about her, what it was abut her that I liked so much, but, at the time at dinner, it was all perfectly clear to me. I saw a young woman, beautiful, kind, intelligent, fascinating such a woman as I had never met before, and at once I sensed in her a being near to me and already familiar, as though I’d see that face, those friendly, intelligent eyes long ago, in my childhood, in the album which lay on my mother's chest of drawers.

I didn’t think of her, but as though her shadow was lying lightly on my soul.

I saw her and again there was the same irresistible, striking impression of beauty and lovely, caressing eyes, and again the same feeling of nearness.

Her gaze, the elegant, exquisite hand she gave me, her simple dress, the way she did her hair, her voice, her gait always produced the same impression on me something new and extraordinary and very significant.

I kept trying to understand why she met just him first and not me, and why such a terrible mistake need have happened in our lives.

I loved her tenderly, deeply, but i reflected and kept asking myself what our love could lead to if we didn’t have the strength to fight against it.

It seemed incredible to me that my gentle, sad love could all at once rudely break up the even course of her life, her children and the whole household in which I was so trusted. Would it be honorable? She would follow me, but where? Where could I take her? it would have been different if I had been fighting for the liberation of my country, for instance or had been a celebrated scholar, an actor or a painter; but as things were it would mean taking her from one humdrum life to another as humdrum or perhaps more so. And how long would our happiness last? What would happen to her if I fell ill, if I died or if we simply stopped loving each other?
And she was tormented by the question whether her lobe would bring me happiness- whether she would not complicate my life, which as it was she believed to be hard enough and full of all sorts of trouble.

love is usually poeticized, embellished with roses, nightingales, but we embellish our loves with the fatal questions.

When our eyes met right there, our spiritual strength deserted us both, I took her in my arms, she pressed her face to my breast, and tears flowed from her eyes. Kissing her face, her shoulders, her hand wet with tears- oh how miserable we were! I confessed my love to her, and with a burning pain in my heart realized how needless and petty and deceptive was all that hindered us from loving each other. I realized that when you love you must either, in your reasoning about that love, start from what is higher, more important than happiness or unhappiness, sin or virtue in their usual meaning or you must not reason at love.

When we are in love, we never stop asking ourselves whether it is honorable or dishonorable, sensible or stupid, what this love will lead to and so on. if that's a good thing or not I don’t know but that is a hindrance and a source of dissatisfaction and irritable, of that I am certain....

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I would have dived
To the depth of sea to find pearl
I would have collected
All the smiles to give those her all
I would have expended
A thousand of words and all my prose,
Had a girl given me a red rose!

I would have kicked up
My lazy bones to start a dance
I would have thanked
God a thousand times for the chance
I would have acquired
An intoxication of several dose,
Had a girl given me a red rose!

I would have generated
A power of a kilowatt in my ribs
I would have thrown
A megawatt smile and kissed her on her lips
I would have remembered her
No matter wherever she goes,
Had a girl given me a red rose!

I would have climbed
Up the rainbows and plucked the stars
I would have floated
Like the cloud and traveled wide and far
I would have woken
The whole night thought my head dozed,
Had a girl given me a red rose!!

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How many of us love the chickens!!! A lots mouth start watering when they think of fresh chicken fried up and cooked with the tomato pieces!! Yummy right?? No matter how much bird flu has threatened, people can hardly resist it. Here is what I found about how they come to us before we cook. Recently we had some guests at home. My mom gave me the meat department as my responsibility. So I, along with one of my cousin, went to the cold store for chicken meat. After waiting for an hour or so, it was our time for selecting chickens. As my uncle said we must always find a smart and healthy one-of course if we can catch it lol. With our choice of sCLEANING THE KILLED CHICKENSmart and healthy chicken, I guess, we headed to the place where they are going to be killed. As we see, there were piles of killed chickens on one portion of the floor(as shown in photo below), a big drum filled with water, actually there are two- one with warm water and other boiling on the gas. here comes the killer with his weapon and no mercy in his heart- its the rule to say the killer cruel but the eater haha, chops of one of the feet and then cutoff the head. terrible huh??? but dont worry u are going to love it when it comes to you after cooking lol!!PILE OF KILLED CHICKENS


watching all these makes me want to be a vegeterain. But i dont know its for the time being or for real!!!

Technology is a general term for the processes by which human beings develop tools and machines to increase their control and understanding of the material environment. It implies a thinking process which deals with the casual relationship with the material world with the employment of the experimental methodology those results in empirical demonstrations that can be verified by repetition (scientific methods). The word technology has a broad history that existed from the existence of mankind and certain modifications have been made in its meaning from time to time. It can also be said that it moves with the evolution of early humans from the period of simple tools( that are mostly made from flaked stones for chopping and scraping) to the modern sophisticated large scaled networks that has influence the present life to a great extend.
All the external factors affecting an organism is called the environment. The earth is the habitant of the entire living organism living together as an entity. There is a close relationship between all the individual components of the earth that may be biotic factors, different living organisms, and the abiotic factors (also called non living factors) such as wind, rainfall, temperature, ocean current etc. Together they form an ecosystem within which the whole lifecycle moves.
The inter-relation and the interaction between the human beings is called society. The number of people living in a place having a same shelter makes a family and these certain group of families living and interacting together for their day to day life forms a society. As we see the society is the group of different people living together making a community and working interdependently to carryout their day to day life.

As we go through the technology, environment and society we find there is a very close relationship among these three. The living beings which are closely concerned with these three terms, technology, environment and society, are humans. It is the humans who are responsible for the development of the technology. The progressive ideas and innovations of the human beings presented forward for the benefit of themselves and society (which also their own consequences) gives rise to the technological break through. These ideas and innovations of individuals directly concern with the society usually transforming the traditional cultural systems which may be either constructive or destructive. And as there is a change in the living of the mankind, it directly or indirectly affects the environment causing a change in the ecological cycle. Most of the technological developments are applied for the benefit of mankind. It raises the living standards and helps in the smooth functioning of a society. The development of new ideas eases the works that were felt difficult before the inventions and as a result there is impact on the environment. The application of technology which helps for the group of people living in a society may or may not help the other factors of environment. This is the universal theory that the development or the advantage of one group definitely has some negative impacts on the other though the magnitude of its effect may be small. In the similar fashion, the evolution of technological development is also influenced by the nature of environment. It is a well known fact that no one can ever go against the environment. Environment is the driving factor that causes most of the modification on the lifestyle of people living in a society. It is the environment that determines the types of culture and commence of certain activities of the community. As per in case of Nepal the people of Terai rarely wear woolen clothes or thick jackets as the temperature is mostly hot there. Not only is the society, the technological boom in different places is also governed by the type of environment at those places. The technological development occurs by concerning with the environment. For example as in case of this modern world where we have scarcity of land, people are more concerned with the ideas of high production in small area or laboratory growth of agricultural products. Most of the time people are willing to take the challenges and beat the environment. The environmental condition available determines the way of thinking of the people.
The technological development has touched almost all the field of human life. Each and every person’s day to day life come encounter with the instruments invented through the technological development. No one can disagree with the fact that in present world life without these developed items cant imagined. From the very simple tools to the large-scaled networks human being has always felt their necessity and they lives have always been dependent on them. We can hardly imagine how life was when people don't know how to make fire. Their life was changed from hardship to easiness when they started making variety of tools like scrapers, knives, and other instruments of stone, bone, and other materials. It helped them find food for themselves. They had also begun to use tools to make clothing and build shelters for protection from inclement weather. From the obvious benefit of heat and light, people started using fire for cooking grains in the pot. Early people were dependent on the meat which was obtained from killing animal but the next technological development helped them find how they can survive by eating plants. They knew the idea of using animals for working with growing of crops so they saved their energy. By the time of Bronze Age, human beings have done a number of technological developments like development of bow and arrow, animal-oil lamps, and bone needles for making containers and clothing and shifted their lives from hunting and herbing societies to the more settled practice of agriculture. And with this shifting people didn’t have to depend on meat only anymore. They didn’t have to go for hunting anymore because they could grow the crops they liked and life was easier as it prevented people from staying hungry when they didn’t catch any prey. People started living in a group forming a community and then they started constructed stone buildings so they didn’t have to stay at cave anymore. They stayed protected at their homes. Later on human civilization took place near the big rivers like Nile River. They started using the water of the river for the irrigation purposes so they can use the water during the dry seasons. Several innovative thoughts were implemented and invention of wheels has made it easy for quick transportation. The construction of aqueducts, roads pavements during the Roman age can’t be neglected when it comes to the technological advancement. People started involving in business, known the values of precious metals and process of extracting them. The world was changing and the number of people was growing day by day. For the safe and planned habitant, cities were created. To fulfill the growing demands of growing people industrial development was introduced. With the advancement of technological development people started focusing on sustainable development. They knew the unplanned development can hamper the environment and hence they started Environmental Impact Assessment. Coming to the modern age, people don’t have to lift a finger. Everything can be done by machines. Computers, robots, automatic machines can make the life of people easy and fast. Now people don’t have to remember a single word. Everything can be saved in a chip which is even smaller than our finger tip. With the invention of robots the risk of loss of human lives during working in the dangerous situations has been minimized.
There are a lot of cons of technological development. With the development of early tools human beings have started killing a lot of animals. The construction of human habitants and acquiring land for agriculture adversely affected the wild life as they started destroying the forests. The mining of metal ores degrades the property of soil which can also leads to soil erosion resulting the slip or failure of soil. The main issue of technological development is the growth of population. The newly invented medicines are effective and can prolong the lives of people and decrease the mortality rates. This increases the number of people living on the earth. They have to live on the limited resources and hence they start exploiting the natural resources. Water pollution, soil erosion, wild life extinction, global warming, climatic change, ozone layer depletion, air pollution are some of the problems born due to the skyrocketing growth of population. The more the people the more they affect the environment. With the advancement in technological development the rise of military system for the defense purposes came into existence. In the name of protecting country people started making weapons, arms, bomb etc and in the name of power they started taking over the weaker ones. This created violence and war within the countries and result is 1st and 2nd world wars. These war left people with nothing but destruction and deaths. The means of transportation system helped in fast movement but threatened the lives of people which can be clearly understood by the daily news of road mishap. The modern luxurious life has made people dependent. People can hardly deny their dependence on the new inventions. They are more and more habitual with the technology. Everything they need is available and this has caused laziness in humans. Now we can’t live without the facility we are using. All the works are done by the machines which gave less exercise to humans.
Above all there are both pros and cons of technological development. What’s important for present world is we must seek for the sustainable development and find the best possible way to affect the environment least so that the development would last longer.

(refence from Microsoft ® Encarta ® Reference Library 2005)

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A small guy from a small world- 29th of July 2008, 09:30am -he packed up all his big dreams, all set up for the interview that was going to change his life. Tired of the messed up life he has and always doubtful of being lucky (most of the times he would tell me he never had been lucky with the entrance exam or the interviews) he prepared for the best possible questions that’s going to be asked. I always told him that everything is going to change (every dog has a day as I, sometimes, used to tell him hehe) and there is nothing to worry about giving him the example of myself and there is just a need of a single chance which is more than enough for us. He was pretty much confident of how he was going to do when we talked a day before his interview. I threw few questions to check him, tetikai, and to my surprise he passed in flying colors- seems like he is not the same kid (who would scribble his girlfriend’s name on his wrist when he was just a 4th standard ha-ha) I used to think he was (hey Rubin bro don’t think I told u baccha hai!!! Hahaha); No matter whatever was in his heart he looked confident to me.
To my surprise, he was rejected stating that Mountain State University (the college he applied) was not appropriate for him as per his academic performance. It was a considerable reason though; the only question which we paid no attention about, and also he had no scholarships as well. Hearing that he got rejected was a shock. May be he had felt like ‘here you go my luck has cheated me again’, or might his world had came to an end or he might had thought that going US for the further study was not what we call in his fate, or it has decided something else for him or may be not. He still had a hope that is why he geared up for the 2nd interview-18th August 2008, 08:30am-Hiawassee College of Tennessee State attractive scholarship and what else!!- Every student search for. His brother, Rupesh, called me just to tell me that he has been selected and I am not surprised. I thought of the face of that small guy searched for the satisfaction of getting what he has wished for.
I didn’t meet him for a week or so after he got the VISA because I was busy with my examination or simply because I don't want to remember the days that I would spend with him after he is gone, I don't know. But who is going to forget those days when we used to hang out just to chill and talk or have some spicy TITAUTAS. Who is going to forget those nights we spent together talking about our own lives and load of silly stuffs (By the way we are not gay though we sleep in same bed, if you are guessing, lol)? 28th August 2008, yes time for him to leave- leaving everything behind in search of a brand new life. As the time neared everyone started missing him. Those eyes, which were happy to see him getting selected, could be found tearing or may be hiding the tears just to make him strong and let him know that that everything is going to be fine even after he leaves the country. Those souls, which had cared him more than anyone else and been overprotective, had started aching; asking me to join him to cheer him up. And those hands which have cared him ever since he was born started trembling but making her heart pretty much strong just to stop the watery eyes (I knew as she confessed me she felt like crying every night she thinks about him later). Yes small boy everyone misses you if you are wondering!!
I am sure you miss the followings:

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Today I opened my diary and this is what I found- A long forgotten memory. Then I thought I should add it up in my blog so that I don't have to loose it again!!

7th April 2001, as like every Saturday, today I went to Nilbarahi. Its not being so religious but I just love hanging out with my guys. While getting back Dipen got a call from his friend who was asking him to guide her two Korean friends through Bhaktapur. My friend couldn’t refuse, real Newari habit hehe, I guess. It was Pranisha, I know her. She was also form the same college where I and Dipen had studied. After slapping his mobile off, Dipen asked me to go with him. Sounds cool to me, visiting places with some foreigners will be fine- the pretty nice way to kill my time. I love this, as I have been friends with a Chinese girl during my camp. So I said yes.


At 10:30am or 11, I suppose, we went to find them at the bus station of Purano Thimi. Though it took sometime, the means of communication made it easy to locate where they are. They were three. I saw them from distance. Pranisha was the same, like during college days. Here eyes lit up seeing Dipen but I can see some kind of dissatisfaction in her face seeing me (may be just my illusion). She introduced my friend to her friends and my friend introduced me. I quickly looked at the two foreigners, both of our age, one with spectacle on her nose, white complexion and an attractive hair make-up. She had worn a Lahenga like long skirt with scattered colors. She had worn a pair of socks and nice shoe I should say (don’t know how this girly thoughts come in my mind lol). Later on I came to know that her name is Ninjee, very difficult for me to remember. The other was a bit taller than Ninjee. She had some sort of spark on her face(I didn’t have a crush on her if you want know hahaha) and worn Pajamas with a light weight sandals. Her hair was a bit short; step-cut may be I don't know about the hair style hehe, and straight. While resting at Siddhapokhari I had asked her if her hair were straight naturally or she used something, she told they were natural, quite a silly question to ask though. I looked into their face clear and couldn’t understand whether they were expecting me or not.


DIPEN AND PRANISHAWe boarded the bus to Bhaktapur. Pranisha and my friend hadn’t met for a long time so they had a lot of things to talk. They went on the whole way. We got off at Bhaktapur Bus Stop and started walking from there. Everyone must be thinking how to start the conversation then Ninjee broke the ice asking was what’s the name of this place. Definitely Bhaktapur Bus Stop- our answer. At first I felt a bit uneasy and shy but quickly I took up the pace. I asked Pranisha if they know Nepali as I have seen a lot of Koreans talking Nepali easily. My guess was right, they could talk Nepali. They have been to Nepal for
only two months and their Nepali is good, I simply couldn’t believe it. The first thing I wanted to do remember their names as I have a pretty bad memory in remembering names hehe. Bokyung and Ninjee. That’s far more difficult for me to remember. Pranisha told me that they were here to serve the children in their education and they will be here for about six months. I asked Bokyung how many places they have visited. “Only Kathmandu” was her reply. Then I went on with my Pokhara trip. ‘Nice place to visit, so many things to see!! They were planning to go there. They asked the nice places of Pokhara. Actually every place is nice and different attraction. The place I liked most was World Peace Stupa.

I didn’t know they charge a handsome amount for foreigner to enter the Durbar Square premises. It cost 750 per head. That’s where the national economy is collected but where does it goes!! Not of my concern and don’t know whose!! I asked them if they search for something while visiting places. They told me they visit places just of fun and look around. That was nice reply. We went to the Art gallery. It was an archive of very old arts of Bhaktapur of about 14th to 16 centuries. Bokyung must have loved I as she was a student of architect discipline. They took a lot of pictures. We visited the Golden Gate, Nyatapola,
Dattatraya and watched thousands of art work and wood carving. Bokyung and Ninjee didn’t miss to capture them into their cameras and even sitting on a statue of lion at Nyatapola. It was so much fun and throughout the way we laughed and shared things. By this time, they had known my name. we talked a lot of things. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to make them understand which I loved the most. I pull my full efforts to make them understand and at the end when they understand I feel like I have doe something great (just a silly feelings hehe). Soon we clicked to each other. Every time they were busy taking pictures- seems like they want to take Bhaktapur in their camera hehe. I was having fun giving them information I read form the walls or stone carving. Our last place was Siddhapokhari, where we joked a lot. I have a lot of close friends but never spent time like this. May be I am missing out something. Everything was so great when it become time to leave. We boarded the bus to Lagankhel. Me and Dipen got off at Purano Thimi. It was an end of a wonderful day. I guess I will remember it for a long time. I would love to see Ninjee and Bokyung in future if that’s possible of course!!


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This a small video clip taken by my friend Dipen during a day out with Pranisha,Dipen me and two friendly Korean girls Ninjee and Bokyang. It was great and realy miss u all guys!!

First time i saw the snow fall in my small village. It was really nice and i cant forget the moment

5 IN THE MORNING. Before I get off my bed I heard my mom, auntie and grandma praising someone for getting up early and collecting sand from the river and complaining the rest who are still asleep in the family. Yes it’s the start of another day.
Today is the beginning of our greatest festival DASHAIN- supposed to be a different day but I could not find it different than just an ordinary day. This is my same bed, same me and same start of my day with my mom banging at my doors. Well it depends on how you see it.
First day of NAURAAT which means for 9 days we wake up early in the morning, grab our toothbrush, go to the river with friends, wash our face with little praying, and get back home. I must say we used to... Gone are those days when we put on the alarm just to make sure that we don’t wake up late. Those days we would be in a competition with our friends to see who wakes up whom!! Then we would gather together waking up everyone and go to the river talking all the way. We would even share our toothpaste if anyone forgets. Waking up early in the morning was definitely not difficult those times instead we would wake up before anyone does in the family. It was a lot of fun to gather together at the tea shop and have hot HALLUWAS. Then we would go for a football game when it’s still dark. We could hardly see our team mates haha. We were crazy football players. That was really silly but nothing could be more fun than those days. We would fall, hurt and break our toes but nothing could stop us playing the game. There was no age limit. No one was short and no one was tall. Anyone willing to play the games just has to contribute his part of bet (we used to collect Rs. 10 for a game) that would be collected from a team to compete with the opponent. When we get back we would be tired to death. And also be ready to get a loud scold from our moms. I even get scold a lot of times these days but for the reason of getting up late. On the contrary I got scold for getting up so early those times. Whatever you do my mom always has an objection. Lol.
Nowadays I hardly wake up at 7 that’s of course if my mom bangs at my door. lol .But today I have no choice. First day of NAURAAT and I have to collect sand from river that will be used to grow JAMARA (cornflake plant) which will later be used to worship god. My dad never collects sand from the river because its my family rule (not for others just my family rule). My bro hardly collects it because my mom has to fight with him to make him do something early in the morning. This leaves me the only person doing the work. I don’t want to do it but I guess I don’t have the choice. Reluctantly I woke up and all set up to start my at 5 am. With a plastic bag in my one hand and hesitantly I, along with my three cousins, went to the river. As I came out of my home I find something has really changed. It used to be icy cold that we have to wear jacket but this year its not. I would see a lot of people but now I can hardly see five or six. The charm of the tea shop was lost which used to be filled with the customers. Everything felt so different. Everyone has gone busy with their own works and the so called fun are somewhere lost –can only be found in memories. I am not sure how many of us really miss those days. For sure I would not have missed it had my mom not forced me to collect sand this year. Hehe. Of course this day was no fun but I tried to make it sound like a fun haha. Nice try. I snapshot some of our pictures so for those who really thought those days were fun would die to get it back. But I am sure even if someone tries cant get them back. After all those days are good to be kept in memories.

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It was the end of next hectic day and i was waiting for the bus to my hometown. Hands on my forehead and to the best of my vision, i tried to figure out the destination plate cling at the front glass of approaching bus. High pitched voice of the conductor hanging at the doorway stroke my eardrums, which means it goes to my home, according to my brain. Along with my waving hands the bus slowed down and the I saw an immature face of the driver. I thought for a sec or two whether to push myself into the bus or wait for the next one. The latter would be too difficult for me, as I loathe waiting, so I boarded the bus with a heavy heart.
Along the chanting voice of conductor at the background, the bus headed towards its destination. Baneshwor, Koteshwor, Lokanthali, Kausaltar, Sanothimi, Dhunche, bode Saraswotikhel. The conductor went on and on. Immediately after being inside the bus, I threw my eyes in search of vacant seats; luckily I got one and quickly making myself comfortable I paid attention to the conductor if he mentioned bode in his chanting. Yes he did but through Dhunche; a chill of fear went down my spine. The word Dhunche had reminded me my narrow escape when our bus somersaulted with all the passengers on the muddy newly rice planted field. I had a small head injury though all the passengers fell on me. My white college shirt was all painted green and muddy. Detaching me from my memories, the heavy music fro a nearby speaker made the driver refresh his mood. Moving the head to and fro in ht music, he kept his foot pressed on the accelerator. The driver was none other than the same conductor whom I had seen few weeks before, collecting money from the passengers. Not only him, I’ve seen many other new drivers who are immature and were conductors before. This conductor turned drivers feel proud and happy to hold the steering as if a kid getting a toy car. They even don’t get scared to speed on the bumpy road of Purano Thimi.
By the time the bus reached Koteshwor, there was not a single inch left inside the bus so that one can move. I cold see a lot of passengers standing and holding the rods with lines of sweat across their forehead on that icy cold winter evening. Few of them are requesting the driver to move on. In spite of those many passengers enough to burst the bus, the conductor went on his chanting. The process of getting off the bus continued and when it passed Gatthaghar it became a bit easy. Then here comes the bumpy road of Thimi. From the steady pace of the bus all of a sudden it moved out of track on the turning that scared almost everyone, me the most. Within a few seconds the condition was under control. I held the Front seat tight. The thrill increased when the bus reached the same spot where I had the accident. After I passed it, I got relief. By then I had reached my destination and immediately after getting off the bus, thanked god for my scary but safe journey.