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Today after my hydro power class i was made to fill up a form by my friend.I should say i filled up the form given by him because he did not actually made me do that. He just asked for it and i volunteered him. Yeah this line is appropriate. Hehe. Ok let me tell you what the form was all about. Well its a single sheet paper with some questions on both sides. Actually it was a kind of survey which was made by him and the other fren as he said. Its our last year in our college and may be he thought he should do something different to get noticed or something like that. Of course i didnt mean be skeptical about it. I liked the idea as long as on one takes the whole thing personally. Oops guess i have forgotten to tell what the questions were all about. They were funny ( by funny i mean he they are followed by the respective answers ). The questions were like who is the most romantic couple, hero of the class, most skeptical person, the handsome ,the beautiful, the trouble maker the source of distraction etc..... For someone it may the source of embarrasement while for the others it may be just a fun an nothing more. Atleast it would be a memory for whatever we were in the class. ;-) keep it up guys hope the fun always continues in everyone's life.. Will miss the fun we had together.
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