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Oh yeah its another new day and my mum ordering2wake up banging my bro's rum. She is movin upstairs n down i dnt knw y,mayb c has daily works2do or mayb c just likes it- wakn up evry1.y is she wakn up evry1any way? Mayb c doesnt want any1 slpn ther while c is wrkn dat hard. Lol.i dnt knw. Evrytime c nears my rum, i wud thnk dat c is gna bang my door too but she didnt.hmm she loves her youngest son or c knws it vry wel dat i get pissed if woken up early. Nevamind gud4me anyway.hehe.3times in a row c didnt knock my door bt da 4th time c did open da door n askd me2wake up b4 i cud finis my post. Order is order! hv2wake up nw. Thank god ther is lite2day bt who knws when its gna go off. This loadshdn sucks.

Havnt i just said abt loadshdn, i woke up washd my face n abt2warm my tea n ther is no lite. OMG.for thos who hv spnt their lyf witout lite it's nt a big deal bt 4those we hv, it realy sucks.i bet 90% of their enthusiasm2wrk disapears dat includes me. N here cums my mum complainin abt nt wakn up early.i dnt wna argue wit her early in da mrng wit my empty stomach.mayb c is in a mood2fight bt im silent coz dats al i cn do wit an empty stomach. No fud no enery n no energy no capacity2do wrk.i dnt know y im lyn in my bed like a piece a garbage at da side of da road coz lites nt gna cum for 3/4 hrs n my belly cnt stay vacant dat lng. Oh here wokes up my bro slow n silent just like a calmnes b4 storm or a flame b4fire.lol. Da flame just needs some kerosene2multiply n that catalyst is my mum. So b4 da 2 reactants meet up i sud probably hv my tea n get lost. Bt ther is no place2go.i wish i cud just disapear. Runnin away frm my problms wateva u say that's wat im.