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match-made-in-heaven        Last week, I heard news about a European guy marrying an Italian girlfriend after they planned to meet after 15 years. They were in love 15 years back when they were together but due to reason that they are from different country they had to separate from each other. That time the guy happened to send a love letter to his girlfriend which was lost somewhere inside her house. It was this love letter, which was found after all this year when the house was about to be renovated that helped the girl call his boyfriend once again to try her luck. It was definitely the match made in heaven -the guy has been waiting for her. Something never changes for someone after we have shared the best moment of life with him/her. The promises we have made and all the things we have said never fades away. If the love we have promised are really true and deepest from our heart, the love we promised to give each other forever from true heart remains the same though we are not together.

       "What would you do if I come meet you when you are 60? ""I'll punch you right on your face for being so late ", "we'll make love all day and night when we get old " "yeah that would be a good exercise ", "you are my first and you are my last love " these things might be forgotten for some times but they will definitely strike us at some point in future because they are not meant to be forgotten.


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4D movie the first time in Nepal

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My day started with a plan to finish the unfinished job – helping my friend to complete his letters for Endeavour Scholarship for Australia. I reached his home at 10 if I am not not mistaken. BY 1:15 , everything was complete and that’s when my other friend called. We had a plan to make some plans for the saturday- something new I should say.

When we met he already had a plan in his mind. He offered a 4D movie to watch the first time in Nepal. and that’s too the first day though not the first show. I agreed and ready to watch the movie. we both didn’t know what’s the difference between a 3D and 4D movie. We reached Kamalpokhari – the place where the movie was on. Paying 300 each, we waited for half an hour all curious to know what its like to watch a 4D movie. By 2:30 we were in, seated and ready for the new experience. In few minutes all the audience were surprised when suddenly the seat tilted backwards. and as the front bar moved towards us just above the chest everything was set to began the show. for two minutes the seat moved back and forth giving me an illusion of riding a roller coaster though I have never been on it. hehe.  then here comes the first movie “ Mind maze” I don’t remember the name hehehe. the casting was a moving train and all the audience are the passengers. as the watchman in the movie applied applied brake, our seat jerked forth giving us an illusion of actually being inside the train. The old watchman, in his tone trying to threaten us but not successful, at least I’m not scared. :D This is the beginning with a 3D movie.The next would be a 4D .

Here comes the tunnel now, the seats swaying left to right as the train changes its direction. we experienced few jerks with the bumpy road and collision with the objects on the road. Different creatures on the railway track disturbed our journey. i nearly jumped when the small tubes underneath my feet crawl inside my legs – the coincidence was I was on slippers without socks. As one of the insect sprayed its poison, the water is sprayed on our face through a small opening at the front pipe. At the end  when the train smashed with the wall we could see the real smoke in the room. But finally we got out of the tunnel safe.;) For the next part, why not visit the new mall and watch it for new experience!!!

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i have been busy

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Its a fiscal year and I am busy. This is the time when I  can learn a lot of things in my field. I have been busy learning and helping my senior engineer- learning to prepare the Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) and helping draw some of the on location drawings. I have a lot of improvements to made both in drawing and hunting for the most probable mistake anyone might make. It was a real fun and worth doing when it comes to work. The job not new but it comes in with new surprises for me each time learning an additional information that I need to judge if I am in right or heading towards a wrong path.

The first thing that has to be done for the preparation of  IPC in a road project is the As Location drawing where all the drawing of the finished structures are made exactly the same way as they are constructed in the site with their proper dimensions and fit them in the cross section. Then comes the earth work calculation for the respective drawing. It remind me of those college days when we calculated the earthworks even without cross sections. They were supposed to be our estimated earthworks; but no earthwork without the cross section of the particular location. I learnt how to use AutoCad to find the earthwork in excavation and area of Masonry. I get a sense of satisfaction to have this opportunity to learn something. After all the drawing works is complete them comes the preparation of the format for the data entry in IPC. The quantity is calculated using the area from the Cad program and multiplying it with the length from the Back elevation. The location where the height changes Average area method is used to calculate the quantity. Hence the earthwork, formwork, Concrete in PCC and  Masonry Quantity are  calculated respectively. The rate of each item is then multiplied to calculate the amount. It seems easy when I say here but quite a lot to work out to get the accurate IPC.

Here is the copy of  sectional drawing that has to be made before preparing IPC.

Retaining wall-Model