I wasn’t aware of it till I heard the news about the enforcement of the news about load shedding schedule in BBC (yes it was on BBC headline) 70 hrs a week which was exactly double of what Nepali were experiencing for the time being. The valley will have the electricity cut off 62 hrs a weeks and the rest 70 hrs. till then I didn’t know about NEA( Nepal electricity Authority), so called only government institution making maximum profit, has been running on debt for few years. Good news to NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation); you have got a company! LOL!! The new load shedding schedule seems to have made everyone busy except me hehe. School and college seems to have been busy rescheduling the practical classes and labs, teachers teaching through projectors seem to have been busy rescheduling their classes, housewives busy on rescheduling their cooking hours while I am happy on getting extra hour of my tight hug of my favorite pillow under my nice blankets in the cold morning. Hehe. You don’t need to tell me I am lazy because I already know that but I guess you really need to let NEA know theat. While designing electricity demand few years or decades back they must have forecasted what present demand would be. They seem to have done nothing though they know the production was going to be insufficient. Or may be the government don’t let them do anything I don’t know what’s the reason. But I guess someone has defeated me in laziness. LOL!! To be honest I have nothing to lose due to this load shedding. I get to sleep 7pm in the evening, eat my dinner as early as 6:45; don’t have to wake up before 8 in the morning. Even my love of listening music, need not to be sacrificed due to the help of Chinese products. I just need to make sure they are charged as the light comes. You might be thinking how I am going to write my posting with no electricity right? To be honest it has done much more help. I write them up in my cell phone before I type in my pc. All I miss is reading my Novel “Lucky” by Alice Sebold which I have been trying to finish for abut a week. But I wish my country doesn’t sleep just like me or what’s going to happen to 22 million people except me hehe. For me it’s ok but you can’t go after the benefit of a single person in a republican country like Nepal can u? LOL! I heard Nepal is going after the thermal plant to fulfill the present additional demand but I didn’t find what’s fascinating about it in spite of all the engineers’ disagreement about the decision! Might the government is fascinated about the decrease in price of petroleum products on which everyone’s sure WONT LAST FOR LONG! Or may be the government is just trying to save NEA though it has to sacrifice NOC. I feel it more like replacing the right hand from being eaten by the machine by the right one. Or who knows government is more interested in the rate of Rs. 30 or even more per unit after the production which would definitely be a great revenue ;) what I am worried about is how it will make people willing to pay Rs 30/unit when they are already thinking Rs 7/unit is an expensive price to pay. Government must believe in the line “with poverty line of 30.9% (2001), Nepal is poor but its people are still rich”. With every engineers and technician stating the approach towards thermal plant isn’t feasible, it would still be wrong to say the government is deaf if it don’t take the advice. Because it’s not deaf but dead sleeping as it has been for the past few years. I am sorry to say though being the student of engineering I can’t forecast how long would it be sleeping. ;)
The government is planning to keep the thermal plant just as an alternative or more like a supplement which would be used for temporary period of time. But it’s found to be easier and economical to import electricity from India. Also it would take more than a year to install and start generating electricity from thermal plant while importing could just be done in couple of months. So why not go for the option two? Is it because the government is too much embarrassed to ask India just like me feeling difficult to ask question in the class with a thought what lecturer might think about me when every other student have understood? I do dare to ask question sometimes which makes me better than government. Hehe. Yes I am because at least I do wake up before 8am because I don’t want to be late for my class unlike government which is dead asleep.

Growing urbanization in the city, population growth, unhampered and poorly planned land development and insufficient coordination among government agencies as major causes of environmental deterioration as stated in the report presented by Kathmandu Valley Environmental Outlook released 25 January 2007 during the 10th Governing Council Meeting and Silver Jubilee of the South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme (SACEP). The main problem of KTM valley is the rapid urban growth, haphazard development, lack of access, traffic congestion, and deficiency of infrastructure and general lack of planning. The environment problem in Kathmandu valley is seen in all physical landscape and urban living: Land, water, air, noise. These problems are not only mutually exclusive but also combine together to give even worst effect on negative impact on environment and quality of life.
Environmental challenges and their causes in KTM valley and Nepal as a whole:
Solid waste and wastewater management are mentioned as two of the most critical environmental problems facing the Valley. "Managing solid waste and wastewater in Kathmandu has become a daunting task as urban areas have grown haphazardly without provisions or plans for appropriate infrastructure and services in these sectors," the by Kathmandu Valley Environmental Outlook report states. Other environmental problems highlighted include poor air quality and traffic management, unplanned settlement, degradation of water resources, and weak disaster preparedness. The environmental problem can be listed as below
: Land Pollution:
The main reason for the Land pollution in the KTM valley is due to the lack of solid waste management. The land pollution can be seen in the valley from the evident in the heaps of uncollected solid waste, illegal dump sites, open landfills, and exposed human and animal excreta in the streets. The most common sight in the KTM valley is the open latrines. Even though some of the business groups have tried to dispose their wastage through organized group the absence of proper landfill facilities, the debris has always created a problem for the proper disposal of wastes and which are ultimately end up on land or in water sources like river and ponds.
Water Pollution:
Surface water in KTM valley is severely polluted by the industrial effluence, waste dumping and the discharge of untreated sewage for residents. It is worth to be noted here that the small and mini scaled industries produce more waste than the large scaled industries in compared to the waste created per unit. Lack of proper sanitation and drainage in urban and rural areas has also resulted in dumping of sewage and garbage into the rivers. In most cases, the drainage system, which was designed for storm water only, is being used as a sewer; and the sewage directly flows into the river without any treatment.
The seepage from the septic tanks contaminated ground water in most of the urban areas. The fact tells that virtually all the Kathmandu homeowners build private septic tanks in their generally tiny land plots- often covering just 60 square meters- without sufficient room for soak pits. The still toxic semi- treated effluent from the tank cannot find adequate area for dissipation and concentrates in the residential yards.
Similarly the water provided to the people through the supply pipes are itself not good for health. Primarily the intake storage itself is contaminated and secondly the intermitted supply through the pipe creates suction inside the pipe creating the possibility for the underground and the leaked sewage get mixed into the supplied water wherever possible. Empirical studies of drinking water throughout Nepal have found that the fecal coliform contamination in the water consistently exceeds WHO guidelines for water considered fit for human consumption. According to the same study, the laboratory analysis of tap water from representative locations of the KTM urban area disclosed that almost 90% of the sample was importable.
Air Pollution:
Air pollution is becoming a significant problem in urban areas in Nepal, particularly in the bigger cities. Kathmandu Valley is particularly vulnerable to air pollution because of its bowl-shaped topography which restricts air movement.
Rapid urbanization, poor transport management and maintenance is leading to deteriorating air quality in the Kathmandu Valley, where population more than doubled between 1995-96 and 2003-2004, the report Kathmandu Valley Environmental Outlook said. Vehicular emissions were cited as a primary cause. According to the report, exhaust fumes increased by four times between 1993 and 2001 and PM10 concentration tripled over the past decade. Around 1,600 premature deaths yearly are attributed to poor air quality and health costs reached 210 million rupees (close to US$3 million) in 1990. Availability of agricultural land is also being hampered by increasing urbanization, the report said. Between 1984 and 2000, agricultural land in the valley decreased from 62% to 42%. "If this trend continues, by 2025 there will be no agricultural fields left in this once fertile valley," the report says.
Noise Pollution:
Outdated vehicular engines, increased air traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and the siting of industries near residential premises are fast turning noise pollution into a major problem in urban Kathmandu. Weak transportation planning and virtual lack of traffic discipline on the apart of the drivers result in near continuous sounding of horns in the streets of Kathmandu.
There are many reasons for the growth of noise pollution from aircraft in KTM valley. Firstly TIA is located in close proximity to the centers of population. Secondly there is the rapid grow in air crafts and thirdly the physiographic configuration of the valley limits choice of flight paths for the air crafts. Outgoing jet planes must circle mountains of KTM valley. Incoming jet planes also circle the valley before landing.
While the growth in trade and tourism has created jobs and improved living standards, development in the last 30 years has created several physical, social, and environmental problems in Kathmandu. The fragile ecosystem is affected severely by uncurbed building and incompatible economic activities.
"Institutional weaknesses in managing urban development have resulted in haphazard growth, manifested in unplanned settlements, increase in vehicular emissions, polluting industries in or near urban areas, traffic congestion, and poor waste management. Kathmandu will continue to grow in future and, if rational planning and development strategies are not formulated, its growth will become a nightmare in the environmental sense," the report adds.
None of the big parties who fought the last general elections made environment an explicit agenda and those who did didn’t stand on what they said about launching the programmes like providing access to clean drinking water, and improving health standard. Environmental issues have not been treated as a separate package.
The major handicap with Nepal in environmental protection is that it has very weak institutional setup and therefore monitoring of environmental impacts and enforcement of regulations are nowhere to be seen. Worse, environmental rules, regulations, standards are in the initial state of formulation and enforcement. The only standards that are in practice for some years are vehicular emission standards. But monitoring of vehicles emissions is so weak that such provision has not stopped polluting vehicles yet.

Improved planning and zoning, land pooling, better solid waste management, rainwater harvesting, a variety of infrastructural and technical measures and vastly improved coordination and enforcement can be some of the meditative measure that can be applied to control the growing environmental problem of KTM and Nepal as a whole. Community mobilization was also cited as critical to achieving these goals, particularly in an area that is prone to natural disasters.
Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is committed to address the mounting challenges of urbanization; its impact on the environment, society and economy and take a leading role in promoting environmental stewardship building mutual support and cooperation with cities in Asia Pacific region. As concrete demonstration of this commitment, by the year 2010, KMC will:
(1) Improve transportation and waste collection system;
(2) Select and construct more transfer stations and landfill site;
(3) Promote public participation and behavioral change by establishing more nature clubs, training programs and regular integrations with locals;
(4) Conduct media campaign for waste segregation at source
(5) Lobby tax exception for material recycling;
(6) Manage and implement community-based clean up programs such as street clean-up, community parks, historical places and temples and river clean up programs;
(7) Promote household composting programs by providing compost bins and bags at 45% subsidy rate;
(8) Co-operate with central government to precede establishment of long-term landfill site;
(9) Expand more community-based recycling center and medium scale vermi-composting;
(10) Promote biogas technology from vegetable waste and night soil waste;
(11) Mobilize school children and local communities for environmental activities;
(12) Provide training and assistance to community groups interested in environmental protection;
(13) Mobilize youth city volunteers as a linkage between KMC and citizens in environmental campaign;
(14) Assist locals in marketing recycled products and provide a forum for recycling industries to display a raising of public awareness programs through mass media such as message board, exhibition, metro FM and national televising to promote their products;
(15) Implement Kathmandu Metropolitan City's (KMC) Public-Private-Partnership guidelines;
(16) Prepare the Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Bi-laws in partnership with UN-Habitat and a local NGO;
(17) Enforce sanitation bi-laws.
(Collected from http://kitakyushu.iges.or.jp/cities/cities/kathmandu.html)
If the above plans made by KMC are met on time, there would be no doubt that the environmental pollution will not only be decreased but also removed to a greater extend.

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Here is the memory of the day we had conducting our hydro power practicals which turn out more like a photography than the real practical. hehe. we were trying out the most unique and the new pose for the pictures to be taken by our friend. May be we had that fun because its the last day for us to enter into the heavy lab or may be the added loadshedding gave us the golden change. lol. No any thanks to the loadshedding because it forced us to finish the four week practical in a single day. but no one would deny it wasnt a fun. so here we are busy to take pictures rather than getting busy in reading the experiment datas. hahaha

"Sorry Rahika your picture is the first one to start with though it was the last oneI uploaded. I didn't know also follows 'the last in first out' system. If anyone wondering what she is doing I bet I don't know lol because I didn't pay attention to that practical. As far as i know it is the most time consuming practical of three and named "reciprocating pump". Guys my apologies if I am mistaken. Good going Prajapati....... hehehe

Here comes my best friend Rabin Maharjan, a very good friend and the most helping friend you can even get in this whole world. Do you realy believe me??? hahahahahahha. Hey man you can't make me jealous anymore! sorry for others who don't understand what I am saying. its kinda secret between Rabin me!

I kind of try to focus the one and only guy in whole pulchowk campus who has a lot of girlfriends in though he never proposed.hehe Tell you what he falls in love with every beautiful girl the very first time he sees her but the tragedy is its only upto him! can anyone spot the guy??

I don't think I have to tell anything about this guy! trying to take the attendence? definately not just checking out if I was marked absent in the previous practical class!

This is Rohan in his new Jacket. just because you bought your Jacket at the lower price than Pankaj doesn't mean that the shopkeeper didn't cheat on you. hahaha


WOW! that was a cute smile Rohit. and I must say your mobile has a damn good camera. coz of you this could happen.

This is little bid dark because of the anti light. but i must say the pose is great.

I can hardly figure it out what i was doing this time.
Hey you remind of my uncle who took the picture in the same pose when he visited hongkong!
Some one is looking cute. I must say this or she will kill me hahaha. She is a tom boy of my Project and that's why I never felt there is a girl in our team. we four boys right Sabina?? ;)
Rohit knows how to give a different pose in every picture. The guy who loves travelling.
If you all are wondering what's the pipe at the side of my picture well its a draft tube of a Francis trubine.
Hey that's a copyrighted pose Rohan. and everyone looking great at the side of this turbine.
If anyone of you thinking the left V-symboled hand on the top of Sabina's head is mine then you all are wrong. I think its Ravi whoelse could be more mishchievous!

Do you think I am trying to teach Sabina about the Pelton wheel turbine? If so then you are all wrong. we are just in the pose to take the picture hhehe

Improperly taken picture. Rohit is going to be a bad photographer! hehe
Here is one more unique pose by Mr Rohit Thapa.
At last ofcourse it's the picuture of Jet of water hitting the weels of pelton turbine forcing it to turn and produce electricity.

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What’s wrong with me? Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with me? Why I have so many questions yet so little answers? Why things bother me so much when I know they don’t mean a thing? Why am I so carried away though I know what I am worried about is just a waste of time? Hwy everything isn’t what it seem to be? Why sometimes I am feel so much pain inside and yet can’t cry? And even if I did why cant it wash away all my pains along with it? Why a person who loves to be alone has to turn on a loud music just to create an illusion that he is not alone? Why my mind argues with me so loud when its dead silence around? What is the reason for my eyes to want to close when I am in light and to want to open when I am in dark? Why sometimes my heart pounds so heavily that I feel like it would burst my ears even though I am not horny? Why can’t I see the things except what it is? Why do I always have to keep trying to fit in? Why, even though I laugh so much couldn’t find the touch of happiness inside me? Why do I make fun with everyone instantly and drown into the loneliness in a minute? Why I am mad at someone on missing to figure out what my action has to say though I wish not to be found out? Why it always needed words to explain our feelings and what if we have no words?

There are a lot of things which words can’t define who will help me out if I needed to explain one of it? I have so many plans in my life and also so much of time? And later why I am always out of time? Why I am always trying to make things right when they are right already? What makes me think I am a hero or savior when I can’t save myself? Why don’t my senses respond when its time to do the right thing? Just like in my favorite Korean movies why I am all awaited with all my heart and soul for my first kiss- For the first touch of someone’s lips on mine? What’s so special about tasting someone’s lips anyway? Lol!! What has been keeping my hope alive about someone waiting so far from me to be touched, kissed and loved only by me? Don’t tell me it’s just a dream what if its? Where is the shade when I am all alone walking under the scorching sun? Whey isn’t the sadness flushed away although I am drenched in rain? Why I am always lied? Why can’t they tell me the truth even though how terrible it makes me feel? I would want to get hurt rather than living in a lie so who s going to tell me? Why do people find me so interesting and so boring after sometimes? Is it because they expect a lot from me? I don’t tell them I am very interesting then why do they judge me from the very start? I don’t even tell them that I am going to be the most boring person after sometimes is that the reason?

Why such a simple thing gets so complicated for me to understand sometimes? Why my life has to be such a higher degree equation instead of a linear one? But I bet everyone wants to have the same one then what would distinguish them for one another? Why are our few wishes always circum-circled by loads of consequences? When will I be able to make my own decision for my own sake and not for god sake? Why I am so scared of myself sometimes that I have to go on a long run? Isn’t it crazy that people would choose to die just to know if others care about him when he won’t even be alive to see it? Or am I not crazy myself taking with myself within the four walls of my room? Does it hurt you too when you are alone or when you don’t get what you want or when you feel no one cares about you? Can I search for my Santa even though I am not a Christian? What are the things that determine how important you are? Have you even felt you can’t see although your vision is so acute? Do your ears also want to hear Her own selected things? Have you ever wished to go to bed and never woke up again or ever woke up and wished to never go to sleep??