2:26:00 AM


created by Ram |

14-3 i.e.14th march. Not a big day when I came to this world but someone made it so special that I may forget the day I was born but this day. That “someone” then marked it as my date of birth (though its not my date of birth), the very special day making it even more so just by pronouncing it through her sweet lips. Those were the days when you walk on your way being an ordinary guy- the world Damn care about what you do or think or they would hardly feel if you exist then that “someone” walks into you life though you were so sure you have locked up all the doors. She breaks in; opens all the doors giving you a new art of life and make you feel special out of an ordinary life. Suddenly the world seems to care about you as if in a joy ride side by side. Someone finds you when you were not even searching and you don’t even mind to fall head over heels simply because you can’t help it. The first time you see her smile, instantaneously, nothing seem to matter but the spark that comes on her face on each smile like a glitter in the sky on each full moon. You don’t have to try to forget everything after the smile because there would certainly be nothing left in the mind to think more than the glimpse of smile. Then you started dreaming about it every night as you go to bed with it. Every time you pray and see that smile which doesn’t seem to leave your memory by any cost as if a haunt. But haunt makes people sacred where it brings pleasure with it. Now you accumulate all you strength to think of an idea to make her pull those lips and smile even if you have to be the craziest; you adore it. You go for the silliest joke, act or word because you see the world within that smile; not the world which didn’t know you existed but the one which knew exactly who you are.


The slight change in that smile and the pain starts the fear of the most important person being fade away or might just remain in dreams. The pain of  being apart which didn’t bother before started striking your heart like a ticking clock always make you aware you lack of something, someone. You swallow it deep down in your heart but the pain melts through you eyes each drop reminding of how deep the feeling is. The bond between two hearts is so strong even the heaviest metal can’t cut it through and so light at the same time that a slightest wind has potential to blow it away. But the thing that’s shared between two are never carried away. You can erase what’s written on the surface but the depth it has penetrated will last till we are gone and what’s in the depth re-suspends on the surface in time and again. You may try to leap forward but the heart stays one step back still hoping for reunion with what she has been separated. Whatever be the reason, they are no worth for holding back the two loving hearts for that long time. But will someone wait for me the way said till the skin gets wrinkled? The only way to get the answer is to stand before her and ask it. The fine cloud has been drifted away but I believe it rain again just for me this time. I’m still missing the things because I know the things that I have though I don’t say it anymore only because of the fear of being misunderstood. I’m scared the repetition of my part of truth might make is false. I have always been told I would be giving up quickly when I always tell that I will not. I want to see who it would be to give up first. The feeling inside me is not hidden for me no matter how much I’m incapable of showing it to others. I’m just waiting for that day which I have dreamt of long time and I will get it one day. I wish is almost everyday.