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Sitting outside the ICU next to each other with tears in our eyes trying to talk but our voice choked, me and my sister shared our part of grief, when my mom was helplessly lying in bed inside, feeding under saline. Gone were those days when sorrow befell on us like a monsoon rain time and again that’s when we learnt how nicely we have worked together to come out of that pitfall. Both of my sisters and I worked together as one and that’s when I know how we are connected. The bond between us has been strengthened and now we realise how much we love. I usually ask my mom or Vauju if sisters have visited home or why dont I see then often. If i didnot see, I dont know I started missing them. When they are ere I’d be listening them talk to mom or vauju or me is the best thing I would love to do. Resting my head on my elder sis’s lap as she makes fun or tease everybody would make my day and we would laugh and laugh so much till our cheek hurts!!

The merry we made during this brother’s day was unforgatable. I gifted them sari, the one they have been trying to buy; so thoughtful of me hehe as they say . Everything they would love to talk to me as the way I am fond of them. When I was young, I would argue with them for not listening to me or making me mad or even not understanding me. I did not know it then the way I know now- I love my sisters  alot and I am lucky to have them, just to talk just to hear them say things just to make me smile and laugh together..