12:17:00 PM


created by Ram |

I smell methanol all over my blood today I don’t know why. From the very morning I smell it so intense I felt  it suffocating. Is this a dream or my psychic vision I am not sure about that but I feel like I can smell it so badly as if its in my nose or as if my head is inside the bottle or tank I should say. Can it make me intoxicated? Or make me want to vomit. I felt dizzy and sick and want to get lost. I cleared my nose but still the same. I concentrated on writing my lab report and in few minutes the smell is gone. I don’t have any habit of drinking or any wish to try it and I don’t know how my senses had an affinity to something which is not around. It’s another day and i fought against it. You might feel i have won the battle but I still don’t believe it yet. Winning the battle takes a split second but it takes a life time to rule over what you have won. The battle doesn’t end that easily whether it involves killing someone or a fight with yourself. Fight with yourself is much tougher than the war with others. Battle with others makes you either winner or a looser but fight with yourself makes you looser in either way. I am in a battle with myself and the result is yet to come!