I wasn’t aware of it till I heard the news about the enforcement of the news about load shedding schedule in BBC (yes it was on BBC headline) 70 hrs a week which was exactly double of what Nepali were experiencing for the time being. The valley will have the electricity cut off 62 hrs a weeks and the rest 70 hrs. till then I didn’t know about NEA( Nepal electricity Authority), so called only government institution making maximum profit, has been running on debt for few years. Good news to NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation); you have got a company! LOL!! The new load shedding schedule seems to have made everyone busy except me hehe. School and college seems to have been busy rescheduling the practical classes and labs, teachers teaching through projectors seem to have been busy rescheduling their classes, housewives busy on rescheduling their cooking hours while I am happy on getting extra hour of my tight hug of my favorite pillow under my nice blankets in the cold morning. Hehe. You don’t need to tell me I am lazy because I already know that but I guess you really need to let NEA know theat. While designing electricity demand few years or decades back they must have forecasted what present demand would be. They seem to have done nothing though they know the production was going to be insufficient. Or may be the government don’t let them do anything I don’t know what’s the reason. But I guess someone has defeated me in laziness. LOL!! To be honest I have nothing to lose due to this load shedding. I get to sleep 7pm in the evening, eat my dinner as early as 6:45; don’t have to wake up before 8 in the morning. Even my love of listening music, need not to be sacrificed due to the help of Chinese products. I just need to make sure they are charged as the light comes. You might be thinking how I am going to write my posting with no electricity right? To be honest it has done much more help. I write them up in my cell phone before I type in my pc. All I miss is reading my Novel “Lucky” by Alice Sebold which I have been trying to finish for abut a week. But I wish my country doesn’t sleep just like me or what’s going to happen to 22 million people except me hehe. For me it’s ok but you can’t go after the benefit of a single person in a republican country like Nepal can u? LOL! I heard Nepal is going after the thermal plant to fulfill the present additional demand but I didn’t find what’s fascinating about it in spite of all the engineers’ disagreement about the decision! Might the government is fascinated about the decrease in price of petroleum products on which everyone’s sure WONT LAST FOR LONG! Or may be the government is just trying to save NEA though it has to sacrifice NOC. I feel it more like replacing the right hand from being eaten by the machine by the right one. Or who knows government is more interested in the rate of Rs. 30 or even more per unit after the production which would definitely be a great revenue ;) what I am worried about is how it will make people willing to pay Rs 30/unit when they are already thinking Rs 7/unit is an expensive price to pay. Government must believe in the line “with poverty line of 30.9% (2001), Nepal is poor but its people are still rich”. With every engineers and technician stating the approach towards thermal plant isn’t feasible, it would still be wrong to say the government is deaf if it don’t take the advice. Because it’s not deaf but dead sleeping as it has been for the past few years. I am sorry to say though being the student of engineering I can’t forecast how long would it be sleeping. ;)
The government is planning to keep the thermal plant just as an alternative or more like a supplement which would be used for temporary period of time. But it’s found to be easier and economical to import electricity from India. Also it would take more than a year to install and start generating electricity from thermal plant while importing could just be done in couple of months. So why not go for the option two? Is it because the government is too much embarrassed to ask India just like me feeling difficult to ask question in the class with a thought what lecturer might think about me when every other student have understood? I do dare to ask question sometimes which makes me better than government. Hehe. Yes I am because at least I do wake up before 8am because I don’t want to be late for my class unlike government which is dead asleep.