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Here is the memory of the day we had conducting our hydro power practicals which turn out more like a photography than the real practical. hehe. we were trying out the most unique and the new pose for the pictures to be taken by our friend. May be we had that fun because its the last day for us to enter into the heavy lab or may be the added loadshedding gave us the golden change. lol. No any thanks to the loadshedding because it forced us to finish the four week practical in a single day. but no one would deny it wasnt a fun. so here we are busy to take pictures rather than getting busy in reading the experiment datas. hahaha

"Sorry Rahika your picture is the first one to start with though it was the last oneI uploaded. I didn't know also follows 'the last in first out' system. If anyone wondering what she is doing I bet I don't know lol because I didn't pay attention to that practical. As far as i know it is the most time consuming practical of three and named "reciprocating pump". Guys my apologies if I am mistaken. Good going Prajapati....... hehehe

Here comes my best friend Rabin Maharjan, a very good friend and the most helping friend you can even get in this whole world. Do you realy believe me??? hahahahahahha. Hey man you can't make me jealous anymore! sorry for others who don't understand what I am saying. its kinda secret between Rabin me!

I kind of try to focus the one and only guy in whole pulchowk campus who has a lot of girlfriends in though he never proposed.hehe Tell you what he falls in love with every beautiful girl the very first time he sees her but the tragedy is its only upto him! can anyone spot the guy??

I don't think I have to tell anything about this guy! trying to take the attendence? definately not just checking out if I was marked absent in the previous practical class!

This is Rohan in his new Jacket. just because you bought your Jacket at the lower price than Pankaj doesn't mean that the shopkeeper didn't cheat on you. hahaha


WOW! that was a cute smile Rohit. and I must say your mobile has a damn good camera. coz of you this could happen.

This is little bid dark because of the anti light. but i must say the pose is great.

I can hardly figure it out what i was doing this time.
Hey you remind of my uncle who took the picture in the same pose when he visited hongkong!
Some one is looking cute. I must say this or she will kill me hahaha. She is a tom boy of my Project and that's why I never felt there is a girl in our team. we four boys right Sabina?? ;)
Rohit knows how to give a different pose in every picture. The guy who loves travelling.
If you all are wondering what's the pipe at the side of my picture well its a draft tube of a Francis trubine.
Hey that's a copyrighted pose Rohan. and everyone looking great at the side of this turbine.
If anyone of you thinking the left V-symboled hand on the top of Sabina's head is mine then you all are wrong. I think its Ravi whoelse could be more mishchievous!

Do you think I am trying to teach Sabina about the Pelton wheel turbine? If so then you are all wrong. we are just in the pose to take the picture hhehe

Improperly taken picture. Rohit is going to be a bad photographer! hehe
Here is one more unique pose by Mr Rohit Thapa.
At last ofcourse it's the picuture of Jet of water hitting the weels of pelton turbine forcing it to turn and produce electricity.

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What’s wrong with me? Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with me? Why I have so many questions yet so little answers? Why things bother me so much when I know they don’t mean a thing? Why am I so carried away though I know what I am worried about is just a waste of time? Hwy everything isn’t what it seem to be? Why sometimes I am feel so much pain inside and yet can’t cry? And even if I did why cant it wash away all my pains along with it? Why a person who loves to be alone has to turn on a loud music just to create an illusion that he is not alone? Why my mind argues with me so loud when its dead silence around? What is the reason for my eyes to want to close when I am in light and to want to open when I am in dark? Why sometimes my heart pounds so heavily that I feel like it would burst my ears even though I am not horny? Why can’t I see the things except what it is? Why do I always have to keep trying to fit in? Why, even though I laugh so much couldn’t find the touch of happiness inside me? Why do I make fun with everyone instantly and drown into the loneliness in a minute? Why I am mad at someone on missing to figure out what my action has to say though I wish not to be found out? Why it always needed words to explain our feelings and what if we have no words?

There are a lot of things which words can’t define who will help me out if I needed to explain one of it? I have so many plans in my life and also so much of time? And later why I am always out of time? Why I am always trying to make things right when they are right already? What makes me think I am a hero or savior when I can’t save myself? Why don’t my senses respond when its time to do the right thing? Just like in my favorite Korean movies why I am all awaited with all my heart and soul for my first kiss- For the first touch of someone’s lips on mine? What’s so special about tasting someone’s lips anyway? Lol!! What has been keeping my hope alive about someone waiting so far from me to be touched, kissed and loved only by me? Don’t tell me it’s just a dream what if its? Where is the shade when I am all alone walking under the scorching sun? Whey isn’t the sadness flushed away although I am drenched in rain? Why I am always lied? Why can’t they tell me the truth even though how terrible it makes me feel? I would want to get hurt rather than living in a lie so who s going to tell me? Why do people find me so interesting and so boring after sometimes? Is it because they expect a lot from me? I don’t tell them I am very interesting then why do they judge me from the very start? I don’t even tell them that I am going to be the most boring person after sometimes is that the reason?

Why such a simple thing gets so complicated for me to understand sometimes? Why my life has to be such a higher degree equation instead of a linear one? But I bet everyone wants to have the same one then what would distinguish them for one another? Why are our few wishes always circum-circled by loads of consequences? When will I be able to make my own decision for my own sake and not for god sake? Why I am so scared of myself sometimes that I have to go on a long run? Isn’t it crazy that people would choose to die just to know if others care about him when he won’t even be alive to see it? Or am I not crazy myself taking with myself within the four walls of my room? Does it hurt you too when you are alone or when you don’t get what you want or when you feel no one cares about you? Can I search for my Santa even though I am not a Christian? What are the things that determine how important you are? Have you even felt you can’t see although your vision is so acute? Do your ears also want to hear Her own selected things? Have you ever wished to go to bed and never woke up again or ever woke up and wished to never go to sleep??