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Curriculum Vitae

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Ram Sundar Chakradhar

Bode, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur






Date of Birth: 25/02/1986                                                              Nationality: Nepali


Marital status: Unmarried                                                             Sex: Male



Education and Qualifications


2005-2009      Tribhuvan University

                        Pulchowk Campus

                        Pulchowk, Lalitpur

                        Bachelor in Civil Engineering with First Division


2003-2004       HSEB, Nepal

                        Lalitpur College

                        Kupondole, Lalitpur

                        Intermediate Level with First division          


2002                HMG Board of Nepal

                        Bhaktapur English Secondary School

                        Education colony Street, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur

                        School Leaving Certificate with first division





Forty-eight hours course on "Computer Aided Design' (AutoCAD)" organized at Department of Civil Engineering, Pulchowk Campus.
Pre-diploma (windows including office, Ms-DOS, multimedia, email and internet) Package in Universal Computer Interface.


Academic Activities

A project on Structural Design of components of building as a part of fourth year first part assignment on Reinforced Cement Concrete. 
A project on Valuation of a Building as a part of fourth year first part assignment on Estimating and Valuation.



An introductory knowledge about Finite Element Method as an Elective second course.
A 14 days Survey Camp on building traverse, detailing, Bridge site and Road site suvey, Level transfer and Coordinate transfer.


 Participation in events and Organization

Enthusiastic participation in "Model demonstration" organised by Civil Engineering Students' Society Nepal (CESS-Nepal)


          Active Member of Cleaning and Decoration Team of "Civil Engineering

          Exhibition-2063" organised by Civil Engineering Students' Society Nepal     




 Key Skills


          MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point) Graphic Designing (Adobe

          Photoshop, Free Hand, Adobe PageMaker)

          AutoCAD, FORTRAN, Numerical Methods, E-mail and Internet




          Nepali, Newari, English, Hindi




         Initiative, Commitment, Team Working


 Awards and Scholarships

Full Scholarship for bachelor degree in Pulchowk Campus

Full Tuition waver for 2 years Intermediate level in Lalitpur College

Full Tuition waver in school level in Bhaktapur English S. School

Area of Interest

        Water Supply and Sanitation Engineering

        Structure, Hydrology and Hydraulics

        Hydropower Engineering




        Reading books, Novels and writing, blogging




Final Year Project

        Feasibility Study of "Small Hydropower Project" in Naubise Khola, Dhading  

        District, Naubise  under supervision of  Dr. Durga Sangraula; Campus Chief of

        Pulchowk Campus and Er. Ashish Subedi







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