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It was a great morning till we had that conversation. Living in the same room both being unable to figure out when to watch the newly rented dvd, as of course the very load shedding over ruling our lives, my bro suggested to watch the movie the very morning. I chuckled at the idea. We Both have just woke up, had our tea yet under our blankets ( he is under his blanket and i am under mine if case you are wondering ;)) making plans for the day. Figuring out me saying myself ' its a bad idea to watch the movie that early' , he gave me ' so what' look and started explaining his logic behind suggesting to watch the movie. The reason was surely the black out at 8am. Its already 6:30. I proposed him to copy the movie so that we can watch it later on that--- -would be in the evening. Hard heartedly he accepted it but ordered me to copy it though he was the one nearest to pc. Order is order. I didnt want to but my bed has to live without my warmth for few minutes till i am done copying. I guess its just the opposite. I inserted the cd in the ROM and with my shivering hand i am in my job to copy the movie while my bro,with all his body inside his blanket and head popped out out of it, checked on me copying the disk. But what i thought was not the easy one. I am not even done half copying and pc freezed i am sure it's not because of the cold. I tried every possible techniques that i know for sure but the pc doesnt seem to be cooperating. So i was left with only option - poke its belly bottom with my index finger. I didn't look at my bro's face because i know he was giving me ' what the hell was that' look. Actually he was not just giving that look but all set up to say it. I knew it by the way he fly aside his blanket. Then he was just behind my back.

..................to be continues ( gota get off the bus hehe)