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How many of us love the chickens!!! A lots mouth start watering when they think of fresh chicken fried up and cooked with the tomato pieces!! Yummy right?? No matter how much bird flu has threatened, people can hardly resist it. Here is what I found about how they come to us before we cook. Recently we had some guests at home. My mom gave me the meat department as my responsibility. So I, along with one of my cousin, went to the cold store for chicken meat. After waiting for an hour or so, it was our time for selecting chickens. As my uncle said we must always find a smart and healthy one-of course if we can catch it lol. With our choice of sCLEANING THE KILLED CHICKENSmart and healthy chicken, I guess, we headed to the place where they are going to be killed. As we see, there were piles of killed chickens on one portion of the floor(as shown in photo below), a big drum filled with water, actually there are two- one with warm water and other boiling on the gas. here comes the killer with his weapon and no mercy in his heart- its the rule to say the killer cruel but the eater haha, chops of one of the feet and then cutoff the head. terrible huh??? but dont worry u are going to love it when it comes to you after cooking lol!!PILE OF KILLED CHICKENS


watching all these makes me want to be a vegeterain. But i dont know its for the time being or for real!!!