24th october 2008- a field visit on Naubise khola for our final year project. Tired of same field visits, walking the whole day in our empty belly which makes us so tired and worn out that we just wish it to end. Might it be the geology tour, hydrology tour or the irrigation tour. Dnt ask about the tour to a civil engineering student coz they have alot to say about it. Trust me there is no fun with that kind of tour as everyone would think they might be. But this tour was about to be different coz its not the tour sponsered by the college. Its the one we conducted for ourselves; for our own purpose. The start of the tour was just the opposite of was everyone might have thought. Travelling at the back of TATA mobile was definately a new experience for a long distance journey. who would choose to travel that way- except us lol!! The blowing hair of Sabina would tell how much fun it was to stand at the back of vehicle. hehe

Starting food- meat and beaten rice.. yummy rite?? but not for that early in the morning. Can't complain coz that's the only light food available at the local hotel except vaat-seems like damn heavy to me haha

Lets start walking now. A new trekking adventure has just began but what's this?? it ended after couple of hours as our leg started paining and body started responding. As we got more and more tired, crawling was the only thing we wish to do and also the only option for the steep slopes- may be the best part about tekking.