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Lying on my bed listening to the country music 'As she is walking away' by Zac Brown ft Alan Jackson, I discovered its the only thing I have been doing  for past few evenings. Wait a min mayb its all I have been doing for a month or even more. This realisation struck me when I ruminated about all those cliches inadvertently (as I dont know where these garbage got into my head) that are being remarked about life - like -every day of life should be spend as if its the last day or its a precious gift we get only once. These common remarks do no more than exacerbating complexities that we encounter on our daily basis. Working from eleven to six I spend sixty percent of my day at work,the thirty percent on sleeep and the remaining ten percent I waste contemplating what I would do;like the one I am doing right now- with Eminem rapping from my cellphone. I am proving every single day how ideal all those remarks are. The hindrances to their practicability are our daily affairs that we engage into for existence. The freedom(to think say and do) that our childhood abounds  drives us into a misconception about life. Not to forget the intervention to our every actions by the time we reach teen (by social, or psychological factors), we are constantly dragged into a line where we are reluctant to be in in every sequencial years to come. By the time we are starting our career, we are on a new road completely losing the path once we followed. Most of us would be doing the thing that we loathe, with a stupid assumption that its going to make our life better. Once obsessed with singing, dancing or other hobbies, we alientate us from self being completely busy. Some even term being busy as  synonymous of being happy and healthy. As for me, the way I utilize more of my time being involved into the development of national energy,the most unproductive I become when I have free time- this time Nikie Minaj hiphoping "Right thru me" from the playlist. As soon as I get back home, the only soothing thing I ever want to do after dinner is lie on my bed with my playlist on and letting my mind wonder. Of course I can't forget to blame the freezing temperature and daily blackout for acting as a catalyst for me to enervate. Getting inside the blanket and lying there even though I am not sleepy is the most incredible thing to do. All you have to is act you are sleeping when someone enters into the room without decency to knock before hopping in (chuckling). The facebook and chat rooms dont do much than making us loner. Then there comes the responsibility towards everyone that we are obliged to carry. You do stuff coz you dont have choice rather than you want it. And after we are inured to it who dont remember what we love anymore. Everything starts to centrifuge and things are messed up so much we can hardly differenciate between two. But hey finally I figured out what I wanted to do. I am sleepy and need to rest now. But let the playlist on...