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Today I opened my diary and this is what I found- A long forgotten memory. Then I thought I should add it up in my blog so that I don't have to loose it again!!

7th April 2001, as like every Saturday, today I went to Nilbarahi. Its not being so religious but I just love hanging out with my guys. While getting back Dipen got a call from his friend who was asking him to guide her two Korean friends through Bhaktapur. My friend couldn’t refuse, real Newari habit hehe, I guess. It was Pranisha, I know her. She was also form the same college where I and Dipen had studied. After slapping his mobile off, Dipen asked me to go with him. Sounds cool to me, visiting places with some foreigners will be fine- the pretty nice way to kill my time. I love this, as I have been friends with a Chinese girl during my camp. So I said yes.


At 10:30am or 11, I suppose, we went to find them at the bus station of Purano Thimi. Though it took sometime, the means of communication made it easy to locate where they are. They were three. I saw them from distance. Pranisha was the same, like during college days. Here eyes lit up seeing Dipen but I can see some kind of dissatisfaction in her face seeing me (may be just my illusion). She introduced my friend to her friends and my friend introduced me. I quickly looked at the two foreigners, both of our age, one with spectacle on her nose, white complexion and an attractive hair make-up. She had worn a Lahenga like long skirt with scattered colors. She had worn a pair of socks and nice shoe I should say (don’t know how this girly thoughts come in my mind lol). Later on I came to know that her name is Ninjee, very difficult for me to remember. The other was a bit taller than Ninjee. She had some sort of spark on her face(I didn’t have a crush on her if you want know hahaha) and worn Pajamas with a light weight sandals. Her hair was a bit short; step-cut may be I don't know about the hair style hehe, and straight. While resting at Siddhapokhari I had asked her if her hair were straight naturally or she used something, she told they were natural, quite a silly question to ask though. I looked into their face clear and couldn’t understand whether they were expecting me or not.


DIPEN AND PRANISHAWe boarded the bus to Bhaktapur. Pranisha and my friend hadn’t met for a long time so they had a lot of things to talk. They went on the whole way. We got off at Bhaktapur Bus Stop and started walking from there. Everyone must be thinking how to start the conversation then Ninjee broke the ice asking was what’s the name of this place. Definitely Bhaktapur Bus Stop- our answer. At first I felt a bit uneasy and shy but quickly I took up the pace. I asked Pranisha if they know Nepali as I have seen a lot of Koreans talking Nepali easily. My guess was right, they could talk Nepali. They have been to Nepal for
only two months and their Nepali is good, I simply couldn’t believe it. The first thing I wanted to do remember their names as I have a pretty bad memory in remembering names hehe. Bokyung and Ninjee. That’s far more difficult for me to remember. Pranisha told me that they were here to serve the children in their education and they will be here for about six months. I asked Bokyung how many places they have visited. “Only Kathmandu” was her reply. Then I went on with my Pokhara trip. ‘Nice place to visit, so many things to see!! They were planning to go there. They asked the nice places of Pokhara. Actually every place is nice and different attraction. The place I liked most was World Peace Stupa.

I didn’t know they charge a handsome amount for foreigner to enter the Durbar Square premises. It cost 750 per head. That’s where the national economy is collected but where does it goes!! Not of my concern and don’t know whose!! I asked them if they search for something while visiting places. They told me they visit places just of fun and look around. That was nice reply. We went to the Art gallery. It was an archive of very old arts of Bhaktapur of about 14th to 16 centuries. Bokyung must have loved I as she was a student of architect discipline. They took a lot of pictures. We visited the Golden Gate, Nyatapola,
Dattatraya and watched thousands of art work and wood carving. Bokyung and Ninjee didn’t miss to capture them into their cameras and even sitting on a statue of lion at Nyatapola. It was so much fun and throughout the way we laughed and shared things. By this time, they had known my name. we talked a lot of things. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to make them understand which I loved the most. I pull my full efforts to make them understand and at the end when they understand I feel like I have doe something great (just a silly feelings hehe). Soon we clicked to each other. Every time they were busy taking pictures- seems like they want to take Bhaktapur in their camera hehe. I was having fun giving them information I read form the walls or stone carving. Our last place was Siddhapokhari, where we joked a lot. I have a lot of close friends but never spent time like this. May be I am missing out something. Everything was so great when it become time to leave. We boarded the bus to Lagankhel. Me and Dipen got off at Purano Thimi. It was an end of a wonderful day. I guess I will remember it for a long time. I would love to see Ninjee and Bokyung in future if that’s possible of course!!