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I was with my friend talking when are we going to finish our BE and get ready for our job hunt, when i heard my mom calling me; her tears almost melting from her eyes. Its again my cousin getting unconscious the second time. I rushed to her house thought didnt know what to do. I was thinking what possibly can i do while travelling the first floor. I peered from the third floor stairs to the fourth floor thats where i saw my elder mom holding my cousin in her arms trying to keep her awake at the same time. She was calling her name wishing her to hear all the words she said. As i gazed over my cousin's face i can tell she could hardly hear anything. Saliva floating through her mouth i see her eyes half closed or half open i should say. She was finding it hard to keep her eyes open but fighting every minutes hold on. I remember all the words she said about being sacred to die. I hold her hand and shook her up trying to make her belief everything is going to be or or trying to believe myself. I was definately more sacred at this time than her because she didnt know whats happening to her. The two of us worked a worthless try i should say. Her hair messed up legs spread all ever the floor and the color of eyes some what changed its color. I have never seen her this way. She was pretty, cheerfull and always good looking. My elder mom figured it out it was not her. Slowly most of the relatives moved to the room that make it look small everyone with the same bewildered expression in their face wondering what has happened to her yet noone has any answers. Suddenly the expression on her face changed- fighting for life to smiling on everyone leaving everyone perplexed. Only then my elder mom know what was wrong. She figured it out. Yes it was not her. She has been possessed by someone or something- a soul an evil. Most of the audience guessed by the way she looked at their eyes. Yes she has been possessed by an evil soul. I didnt know how to react and i drew back my place occupied by my sister. After it was confirmed she has been possessed by an evil soul, all the comforting words faded and turned into scold. My elder mom scolded her so much asking her who she was and why is she doing this to her only daughter. With each scold the smile from my cousin's face disappeared and filled it with an expression a question or a more straight or say piercing look. I see the hatred dissatisfaction and anger in her eyes all at once or may be none because noone could figure it out. At the time everyone was trying to drive the evil soul away from her body i was trying to find a medical explanation o this situation. Of course i find none.
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