Anyone living in Nepal wouldn’t have to be explained what's the present problem that we are facing! I have also explained about the load shedding i.e. the daily cut off of electricity within the country 14 hours a day affecting every field of economy in my previous posts. The government seems to have taken no or little steps to solve this situation. Of course that was what I thought. Guess I was wrong. :). I heart from my friend that the government has called for the bid in order to encourage the use of CFL bulbs which is supposed to have the capacity to solve the present problem if used by every citizen of the country. Isn’t it great? At least there is a ray of hope to solve what we are compelled to face. The development of a nation is indicated by the amount of the electricity consumed by it. So what is the development situation of Nepal? With a load shedding of 14 hours a day, any one can hardly imagine the progress. What I think about the step that government has initiated is good but still more can be done. The bid asked for the organizations that can provide the CELs bulbs at low cost or free of another with a buying of one. Similarly I think the discount of 5% can be given in the total cost of monthly Electricity bills or certain card system can be given for those using the CFLs at home. The work is difficult but still can be done as there is a saying “nothing is impossible in this world”. Also for those having the CFL utilization card would get a first priority say while paying the bills or get the first priority in any government office while getting the work done. If there is a conflict between the card holders then the first come first served system can be applied as usual. If the concept of using the card system can create the problem when two card holders comes for the same word then the next concept can be used. Two separate lines can be make in the government organization where lots of people come -one for the card holder and the next for the normal user without card E.g. in paying electricity bill, petrol pumps and discounts can be given to the card holders during festivals fate or exhibition like all the students are getting. All the fields where has maximum public interest a separate facility should be provided to those who are using CFL bulbs. This would be the appreciation of the government for their help and support. Recently I have seen long lines of students applying for the sim of Nepal telecom when it was made available for them for just Rs 510 with talk time of 500. It could have become successful in gathering mass attention. So why not giving the same offer for those who are using CFL bulbs in their home? I bet it will skyrocket the use of the bulb which will definitely reduce the present pressure on electricity. The only obstacle to the above idea would be the rejection of telecom but that would not be an unsolved problem if the government is really serious about it. But of course for the implementation of the above techniques a lot of homework has to be done. And it will definitely be the quicker method than the thermal power plant. All the offers that I have discussed didn’t have to be for ever. The new concept can be in use for some months or 4/5 years at most then it could be dismissed. By that time every family would have installed set of bulbs in every corner of their house or a new large hydro power plant of lots of small and micro hydro plants would have be developed. I know some of you must be thinking it would be like cheating to implement the idea for some years and then dismiss it. Tell you what we have no choice and we can take the example of spice Nepal who has taken the market with the similar scheme of 1 paisa per call for interconnection and later 20 minutes of free call scheme and the truth is it’s still hasn't gone bankrupt though both of the schemes have been dismissed. Isn't it the time for the government to learn something from the example what's so close to their eyes?
I can see a lot of things which can still be done if the government is really willing to do something.
Today I was on a micro which was supposed to take a turn through RATNAPARK but instead the root was changed to a longer distance from JAMAL. The micro had to take a longer distance in order to reach the same spot. I am sure the step was taken by the valley traffic in order to control the flow. But from my view I felt like it’s a punishment for not respecting them. Being a frequent traveler of this route, I have found the drivers of my route the most irresponsible one. hehe. Yeah it’s bitter but the truth. So why can’t the government apply the same penalty equation for those who are not using CFL? And the addition of 5 to 10% on the total cost of electricity bill can be done for those not using CFL bulbs. ;) The concept of adding 5 to 10 percent more on the total electricity bill to those consumers not using the CFL bulbs is of course derived from the universal law of pay per pollution. I like this concept of giving the limited permits for pollute to the countries which will ultimately limit the pollution they can do for definite period of time and if their factories are producing more pollution to than the permits they have got, they need to buy the additional permits from those countries that pollute less than their permits. Taking more from the non user of CFLs and giving discounts to those who are using is the same as the permits. The field of application may be different but the concept is the same. Or just like the carbon trading rule where the countries emitting more carbon has to invest some of their incomes in the development of those under developed countries who have been affected by their emission. If the concept can be applicable at the global level definitely it can be at national with some constraints of course because no pain no gain.
No rules can be implied till it’s done by the force and after its implemented for some month it will be a practice.