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The following is the paragraph that i wrote when my cousin was getting married 20th april.

Going through the pages, one may find more blanks than those filled with the inks. Might it be my laziness or something else, I have this habit of keeping my works for tomorrow. And when they get piled up, my days would be in rush hour. This page was my target of yesterday but when I went to bed I forget everything except the sleep. Due to these frequent bands and curfew orders (today it is imposed curfew from 2 am in the morning till 8pm in the evening), I am forgetting my duties. My exam has been postponed to an indefinite time and so is my future. I am not, here, going to describe about the present situation of Nepal, there are certain things which I discovered yesterday. ‘I realized’ would be the proper phrase than I discovered.
It’s my cousin (maternal uncle’s daughter) who is getting married in nine days. This means, I would be the one who would be excited because I haven’t seen marriage as closely as I would do now. When I heard the news, I was overjoyed and thought of the day I would be having fun. The word ‘marriage’ made me think about the fun, laughter and happiness and many other things that brings smile on everyone’s face. This was only my thought which can rarely become reality. Yes, this particular day, I realized, once more I want to repeat this word, yes, I realized why a line is drawn between men and women in my society.
As I reached my uncle’s house there were the relatives gathering talking about the expenses and invitations that ought to be sent. They were estimating every minor event from cocktail to feast. They were calculating and recalculating. Everyone came up with their kind of ideas, some accepted and some denied. One of them remarked the greatest problem would be to serve than organization of feast. I disagreed but not utter a word. His work was to serve so he might have felt it the greatest problem. Everyone feels his/her part of work a giant elephant. The expenses went sky-rocketing due to the price hike on each material. After the estimation, there was a complete silence. I saw every face tired and exhausted before the real work. I felt as if I was there to mourn on someone’s death so I moved on to the T.V. room.
Everything is materialized here. It’s said that money can’t buy happiness but this day proved to me that happiness looses its charm without money. Money is the ultimate power which mightn’t buy happiness but can surely buy the means to be happy. The happiest moment, I thought about the marriage of my cousin, would have been ruined if the family hadn’t been able to expense money.

Here are the memory caught in camera of that lovely moments. The prettiest bride I have ever seem.:)

The groom is applying the sacred colour "sindur" along parted hair lines of bride:

The bride and Groom exchanging the ring:

The groom is applying the sacred colour "sindur" along parted hair lines of bride:
Groom giving bride a necklace- a promise to be with her for ever: