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created by Ram |

Physically fit and healthy emotionally sound, socially well adjusted, mentally stable and psychologically normal are some of the most important traits that i sooth for in my future wife. needless to mention how mhc an individual is ugly, s/he has a quest ot find the prettiest partner in his or her life. thats the human nature and noone can escape from it neither can i.
what i hunt for in my soulmate is the 'beauty with brain'. beauty doesnt necessarily mean a figure of 36-24-36 but if its then that would be an added quality. a girl with a parallet structure can also look beautiful. dark short hair with half grey coloured, pulled over eye lashes, wiht the strong perfumes spreayed all oer the body and wearing a sleeveless shirt on jeans followed by a heavy sandles- i loath these girls more than anyth0ing else. i would love home made rice wine to gillmary or bagpiper.i dont say make up and good looking are unimportant but i the name of making up oneself shouldnt be pouring all the newly invented and imported cosmetics and all the things in th body. the only outcome is awful and horrible. for me a well dressed bright face and a megawatt smile is prety enough to make my day.
those couples who talk to each ohter instead of talking at each other have the best conjugal life. my dream mate must be understanding, co-operative and skillful. she is the home minister of my family so hse must know about the family management and should be able to handle our sex life efficiently. if she doent know anything about family planning no matter i will teach her. she must be able to provide me any kind of pleasure. she should be able to give better parantage to our child (as i have decided to have only one offspring). if there's one thing that i cant stand its the bad tempered mother. my darling must be sharing her every secrets to me during our private time. she must have faith on me. the formost thing is she must have an everlasting interest on me.
though its very difficult to find a single person with all the qualities i have dicussed i can help my wife develop some of them after the amrriage. for our understanding first of all i must be reliable. the initiatives must be done by me to get the above qualities. over all my life partner must keep in mind not to let me down so that i can say proudly- 'that's my wife.'

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(this poem was written on the request of my friend. hope you like it)
Dont know
how to say and
cant understand
how to spell,
but ,
i know i have to say
if you dont nderstand
my silent adoration
i hve to speak
if you dont hear
my heart reverbirating your name
i have to tell
if you dont get my bangles chiming for you
my eyes shining to see you and
my earrings dancing infront of you
i have to confess
all from my sould and my heart
at the purity in thoughts
with all these magical words
that i care about you alot.

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created by Ram |

only if i could-
i would have shown you
how my life changed from rainy to spring
wiht your faint smile.

i would have shown you
how i shifted from vacant to fullness
at your sngle glance

only if i could-
i would hace told you
why did my heart spring up
as i saw you

i would have told you
why did my heart pound
as i neared you

only if i could-
i would have explained you
what did i go through
throughtout the whole year

i would have explained you
what did i want to confess
at this moment

only if i could!!

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created by Ram |

From the loneliness i stood up once more
I feel like in my teens though im old
after a long wait i get hte sun shine
and its all cause i met you again!

The sky was neither deep blue before
nor had the laughter breezed with air
I find the pleasure in the bed of pains
and its all cause i met you again!

love embraces me and sucess on my lap
irritable i was once now a placid chp
now i feel we are forever friends
and its all cause i met you again!

spring has stepped in agter a long
nightingle on the tree wiht love song
Life was a hurdle now its plane
and its all cause i met you again!

Days are never felt like this
someone wakes me up wiht a morning kiss
now i have known to me what you mean
and its all cause i met you again!