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# I dont understand whats wrong with me, these feelings that I have i dont know why, the crazy it seems the silly it is; then you touched my heart and everything feels right.

# I dont know how to start a day with- a morning news? a song? Or a tea filled cup, I suddenly realized I missed you wake me up

# when I go to bed I swear to myself that I am going to think less about you tonight, then I think what are the things that I dont want to think about you; my mind goes on thinking, i dont know what and till when. I woke up in the morning and realize oh no I spend another might thinking about you.

# you love pink but I love blue, you are genuk but I am kurus. You are short and I am tall. We are different but I dont know what binds us together. May be we've similar heart or may be we've one heart.

# I started loving white roses to red, in colors my eyes move towards pink very quick. I am enjoying vanilla ice cream. I started having too much sweet and salty, always add 2 hrs when I check my time and developing slight blend towards cleanliness. Its scary but its true. I am not myself anymore its you. The only 3 things that says its still me are - I dont use blusher , i dont get periods and i still love pain :)

# 1st line which blew my mind :- I take you more than a friend.

2nd line which blew my mind :- everytime i chat with you the feeling is different.

3rd line which blew my mind :- you are my love, you are my life and you are my everything.

4th line which blew my mind :- you ease my pain, and it continues. I have no words to explain this because you have already blown my mind.


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