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A small guy from a small world- 29th of July 2008, 09:30am -he packed up all his big dreams, all set up for the interview that was going to change his life. Tired of the messed up life he has and always doubtful of being lucky (most of the times he would tell me he never had been lucky with the entrance exam or the interviews) he prepared for the best possible questions that’s going to be asked. I always told him that everything is going to change (every dog has a day as I, sometimes, used to tell him hehe) and there is nothing to worry about giving him the example of myself and there is just a need of a single chance which is more than enough for us. He was pretty much confident of how he was going to do when we talked a day before his interview. I threw few questions to check him, tetikai, and to my surprise he passed in flying colors- seems like he is not the same kid (who would scribble his girlfriend’s name on his wrist when he was just a 4th standard ha-ha) I used to think he was (hey Rubin bro don’t think I told u baccha hai!!! Hahaha); No matter whatever was in his heart he looked confident to me.
To my surprise, he was rejected stating that Mountain State University (the college he applied) was not appropriate for him as per his academic performance. It was a considerable reason though; the only question which we paid no attention about, and also he had no scholarships as well. Hearing that he got rejected was a shock. May be he had felt like ‘here you go my luck has cheated me again’, or might his world had came to an end or he might had thought that going US for the further study was not what we call in his fate, or it has decided something else for him or may be not. He still had a hope that is why he geared up for the 2nd interview-18th August 2008, 08:30am-Hiawassee College of Tennessee State attractive scholarship and what else!!- Every student search for. His brother, Rupesh, called me just to tell me that he has been selected and I am not surprised. I thought of the face of that small guy searched for the satisfaction of getting what he has wished for.
I didn’t meet him for a week or so after he got the VISA because I was busy with my examination or simply because I don't want to remember the days that I would spend with him after he is gone, I don't know. But who is going to forget those days when we used to hang out just to chill and talk or have some spicy TITAUTAS. Who is going to forget those nights we spent together talking about our own lives and load of silly stuffs (By the way we are not gay though we sleep in same bed, if you are guessing, lol)? 28th August 2008, yes time for him to leave- leaving everything behind in search of a brand new life. As the time neared everyone started missing him. Those eyes, which were happy to see him getting selected, could be found tearing or may be hiding the tears just to make him strong and let him know that that everything is going to be fine even after he leaves the country. Those souls, which had cared him more than anyone else and been overprotective, had started aching; asking me to join him to cheer him up. And those hands which have cared him ever since he was born started trembling but making her heart pretty much strong just to stop the watery eyes (I knew as she confessed me she felt like crying every night she thinks about him later). Yes small boy everyone misses you if you are wondering!!
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