The happiest moment of my life

One cold evening I sad down to write about the happiest moment of my life. I was thinking to write the best essay of all but wasn’t getting the single event that has tickled my nerves, perfect enough to describe. I searched into every minor components of my skull and did my best to find that particular moment that has moved my life, pretty good to remember everyday and that was worth memorizing. The moment when I learnt something simple but significant that brought loads of smiles and joy seems to be missing in my life. At this point of my life, I don’t have any happy moment which means I have not learnt anything in my life and who has?
The day I came into this world I first opened my eyes or the very first day when I knew to smile back to someone was it the happiest moment of my life? But I can hardly remember that moment when my dad first took me on his big arms and played with me. How can my birth be the happiest moment when I was crying and everyone else around me was smiling? When I was young going to school was the most difficult thing to do. I would fight with my mom and each time I go to school I would be crying. On my way back home I would be on my Olympics with my friends to reach the home quickest. Well it was fun but it can no way be the happiest moment of my life. By the time I reached 5th grade we started groupies and there we fights sometimes among ourselves and most of the time with others. That’s when we started nicknaming and mocking even sometimes to the teachers. Those were real fun but we got scold quite often. The moment I didn’t have my meal for 2days just for a new pair of jeans the time I had fight with my best friend and the season when I had crush with this great singer, celine dione after listening her song ‘the power of love' are still fresh in my mind. Those are the moments when I experienced real life (or may be my fantasy) but I bet none of these were the happiest moment.
Reaching grade 10 is the matter of big responsibility. Its is the time when we have to walk under stress and pressure and the time when we have to make best friends to our books. On the contrary this is the same time when we forget our books for extra activities. we started feeling things importance of friends and spend most of our time on a chat with them hanging out filmy gossips etc. is it the happiest moment to forget the responsibilities and ruin the future? The answer is definitely no!
Then where is my precious moment the time which I tried to stop and hold on my arms but has passed? Where is the day whose fragrance still makes my life the best one? The more I grow older the more I miss my opportunities to that happiest moment. Each day I woke up with a new responsibility that I hate to do. Does fulfilling my responsibilities makes me a happy person or on breaking them? I hesitate to think. I want to put no pressure on my brain. And from today I promise not to think about the happiest moment of my life but to make each day happier and important. I will try to make every following day the happier that the previous one no matter whatever it costs!!