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created by Ram |

It feels as if it were yesterday we talked on the phone, I heard your voice and we laughed a lot, when smile comes in my face; feels as if it has been years we built the wall of silence between us when I am encircled by my solitary days and nights. Needless to mention of the days and nights I have spent without you were like hell, the strength of the feelings that's enriching inside me is amazing. You must have changed. That big eyes I used to dive into must have gone even more sparkling, the inflated cheeks I tempted to cup in my hands must have been soft, softer than before and the way they get red when you blush must be cute, and those sexy lips I can't explain. The hair must have grown longer. Your skin might have wrinkled and I bet you would still be looking charming with those lines in your skin. So much might have changed in you, your voice might sound different though it echoes it my mind all the time. You must have lost a lot of pounds because of working everyday, if not, then must have gone fat and yet sexy. Sometimes, I get the feeling if you would ever recognise me when i come to you at the time you get old or if you would consider taking me in. No one have been able to affect me the way you did or may be I didnt let them. I still get your pictures in my mind while praying. I am aching because I dont know how to react to such an absolute feeling like never before, and it makes me wonder what makes it so intense and true. It made me think if you were the only sweetest ever happened to me, I believe its not a lie. I dream sometimes, how hurt you will be when I come to you in our old age, may be get mad at me for being so late. I hope you will forgive me of all the mistakes I have done that time, all the pains I have caused and all the tears I let fall off your eyes. I'm paying the price now for how I hurt you every day every minute and every second, I hope you would move the biggest stone off my chest at that time. I dont want to die without spending my some part of my life you or my soul will never rest in peace. To let know my heart is more stronger than before and learning more from my mistakes. The distance doesnt bother me much since I discovered the depth of my truth. Nothing can shake me away from my dream and together with you is where my destiny. The depth of true love is not how close you are and feel for each other but how far you stay yet feel stronger more and more each day.
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