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Hi all its again me. On the bus right now heading to my job site. Nothing so special about this day but just an another ordinary day. I usually get the bus immediately after i reach the stop but this time was different. I had to wait for 8 mins I guess and I am not surprised when it started crowding. I was feeling lucky for getting a seat, though not one of my favorites, hehe and that’s when a middle aged lady entered with a kid on her back and one holding her hand, guiding her to school most probably. I knew it’s my time to offer the lady my seat. Since it was crowded there was not even an inch to move so i could offer her my seat. I thought of a next idea. May be I should help her carry her kid. I asked her so and she unbuckled her porch to release her son and i took him on my lap. At first I was scared the kid might not like me or want to stick with his own mom. But he didn’t so I felt it ok. But the ok didn’t seem to last long for me. The kid wanted to break free off my brace and But the ok didn’t seem to last long for me. The kid wanted to break free off my brace and dance as every kid do. Letting him dance that wild was what I didn’t want him to do. He protested with his low utter so i had to give up. All i had to do was not to let him bump his head on the mirror. Seems happy with it. He start to rock and roll and got out of my control. I was wanted to end the journey. I don’t know why it seemed to be extending. For a min I thought of giving up my seat and offering her to sit there because it would be easier for me to stand and not carry the kid than having a seat and carry him. I don’t know why it is difficult for me to control him or I simply don’t know how to act as a kid. It was a great relief when the station came and the lady got off. I was very much willing to give her the kid. I guess I am gonna be a terrible father. ;)