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created by Ram |

As I walk down the streets on my way to home or college, I don’t see as much flying balloons filled with water, as I used to, targeted to the so called beautiful girls. The day of colors is just a single day away but I see no sign of it in my perimeter. May be I am too much concerned with my project that’s why the celebration by others pass unnoticed. But the charm of this special day has definitely diminished at present. Today I stayed home, still the hangover from last might has not gone yet, but I don’t have to force myself to think about the good memories that I had at this day in the past. Though it’s chilly right now but the fun we had on this date a year ago keeps me warm, excited and pleasant. Visiting my friend and making him all wet right under his balcony was definitely a fun. It was even more excitements for a person like me who loves rain to chase and throw buckets of water onto each other and trying to be most dried at the same time. We neither minded what we are going to wear to get back home nor did we care when we are going to get back home. Everything was so much fun that we forgot almost everything for the moment- worries, responsibilities (as we didn’t mind emptying the water tank that was supposed to be used for construction purpose) ,tiredness (as we didn’t care though we were out of breathe) and pains(our cheeks were hurting because of laughing of a lot hehe). We didn’t even stop calling some more friends to join us to add up fun and the way the girl next door participated secretly just to get some water filled plastic bags hit over her head was definitely an amusing trailer to watch lol. All the other guys and girls eyeing us with an expression of jealousy and 'wish I had that day' look in their face. Tease in our gait and 'are you envy?' in our eyes each time our missile hit the bulls eyes,;-). Later we came to realized We really got tired throwing our projectiles of water filled plastic bags to the kids who joined an hour ago. We were the kids once again with our almost wrinkled face hahaha. As the evening deepened the cold breeze made us shiver, the nature asking us to stop. The only thing that could keep us warm inside was the sips of hot tea and of course the good memory that we had made that everyone is going to remember in the days to come. Yes it’s HOLI again; though the time we spent can never be played back the memory of it can still make the day pleasant.