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I shifted my post from auto CAD man to the lab where my responsibility is quality control. I would be checking the strength of the cement mortar used for the construction of M/R wall section and drain and verify if the used mixed design is correct or wrong. A personnel working for the quality control in lab has to be experienced but who is born with experience is the argument presented by the Engineer who appointed me as one. The presence scenario tells me I will learn less in this new post though my salary would be more than previous one. Don’t ask my salary because I don’t know it either:-D. Today was worth noted for me in this new post. The lab has been established though the test for the strength of cubes would resume only after the calibration of compressive strength test machine. So no work for today. It is not exciting when you are here to learn after you spent your four years in college yet didn’t learn much. So I leaned back on a chair which happens to be very comfortable and closed my eyes with my head leaned on the printer which we all know as a nap at work. I don’t know how long it was but surely wanted to have a cup of tea as I woke up; I did it as well:-P. When I checked my time it’s only three fifteen which means it’s really a long day. Let’s get fresh and get back home. I really work hard today. Lol !!!