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I am on the job site to observe the level transfer for the retaining wall construction along road side so as to protect the slope and provide passing by that's when the rain started. The level has already been transferred few days back and base of the retaining wall has already been constructed by lean concrete but due to the dispute with the locals the already transferred level has been disturbed. So we reached the site to carry out the work again. The skilled labors that have been appointed for the job at that site were inexperienced which made them make the same mistake again and again. It was really irritating and got into the nerve of the IOW (Inspector Of Work ). He explained everything clearly how to check the alignment using thread then transferring the level to the other side using pipe level and fixing the thread by respective top width of wall. Having required to explain it again and again was annoying not only to him but for us to listen as well.. He taught me how to check the roundness of the road few days back. I was hired for the office work but i joined them today because it was planned to survey the culvert area using total station. As we didn’t get the chance to use total station in college, that's why I wanted to learn it now. It is a survey machine which is gives the coordinate of the station in digital output that can directly be transferred to the computer without having it to note down on paper and reading the angle. It started raining and we were left talking inside the jeep. Then we found a small tea shop which became our spot to save from rain and talk at the same time. The rain spoiled my quest to learn total station today though it gave us a break since we were tired of walking and standing as well. This project is my good option to learn whatever I have studied in college practically and i must use it properly. Right now my target is learning total station and the software used to generate the cross section that is developed by WELINK. Let’s see how much I can do and how much will I learn.

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It was 28th April and I don’t know how, when i saw someone carry red rose, I wished to plant a rose of my own. Me loving a white rose is a different story to tell, that time I expressed my wish to my cousin sister asking when I could find it. Everything was instant and so was her answer. By somehow I found she was excited too which made me more determined. She knew the place to find. Together we went to steal a branch with the hope the rose would grow healthy if the plant is stolen as the saying explains. Someone help me with a knife so as to cut a few branches. I didn’t know how to plant it. Since i was already determined I never bothered about it. The thorn cut my skin to bleed; a small price to pay for stealing. Lol. When I got back home most people told it'll not grow. I was not convinced that my drop of blood was a waste :-) I turned out every pages in my memory to remember how to cut the branch and plant the rose because by somehow I knew I was taught to plant a rose; may be in 4 or 5th standard, I can’t remember. After I planted it’ll was very happy. I thought about my mom who was in ICU that time.
Today when I see the plant I can find leaves coming out of the spot where it used to thorns. I am excited to see when it gives white roses. My trickle of blood was not a waste. I water the plant everyday and it is lively lately. The leaves are tiny but green. I must thank to the few days pain or the dryness would have made it crack. Right now it has 9 leaves and 4 more modes where the leaves are going to emerge. I will definitely add a page when my first lovely white rose rises and smiles at me.