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It was the end of next hectic day and i was waiting for the bus to my hometown. Hands on my forehead and to the best of my vision, i tried to figure out the destination plate cling at the front glass of approaching bus. High pitched voice of the conductor hanging at the doorway stroke my eardrums, which means it goes to my home, according to my brain. Along with my waving hands the bus slowed down and the I saw an immature face of the driver. I thought for a sec or two whether to push myself into the bus or wait for the next one. The latter would be too difficult for me, as I loathe waiting, so I boarded the bus with a heavy heart.
Along the chanting voice of conductor at the background, the bus headed towards its destination. Baneshwor, Koteshwor, Lokanthali, Kausaltar, Sanothimi, Dhunche, bode Saraswotikhel. The conductor went on and on. Immediately after being inside the bus, I threw my eyes in search of vacant seats; luckily I got one and quickly making myself comfortable I paid attention to the conductor if he mentioned bode in his chanting. Yes he did but through Dhunche; a chill of fear went down my spine. The word Dhunche had reminded me my narrow escape when our bus somersaulted with all the passengers on the muddy newly rice planted field. I had a small head injury though all the passengers fell on me. My white college shirt was all painted green and muddy. Detaching me from my memories, the heavy music fro a nearby speaker made the driver refresh his mood. Moving the head to and fro in ht music, he kept his foot pressed on the accelerator. The driver was none other than the same conductor whom I had seen few weeks before, collecting money from the passengers. Not only him, I’ve seen many other new drivers who are immature and were conductors before. This conductor turned drivers feel proud and happy to hold the steering as if a kid getting a toy car. They even don’t get scared to speed on the bumpy road of Purano Thimi.
By the time the bus reached Koteshwor, there was not a single inch left inside the bus so that one can move. I cold see a lot of passengers standing and holding the rods with lines of sweat across their forehead on that icy cold winter evening. Few of them are requesting the driver to move on. In spite of those many passengers enough to burst the bus, the conductor went on his chanting. The process of getting off the bus continued and when it passed Gatthaghar it became a bit easy. Then here comes the bumpy road of Thimi. From the steady pace of the bus all of a sudden it moved out of track on the turning that scared almost everyone, me the most. Within a few seconds the condition was under control. I held the Front seat tight. The thrill increased when the bus reached the same spot where I had the accident. After I passed it, I got relief. By then I had reached my destination and immediately after getting off the bus, thanked god for my scary but safe journey.

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Oh yeah its another new day and my mum ordering2wake up banging my bro's rum. She is movin upstairs n down i dnt knw y,mayb c has daily works2do or mayb c just likes it- wakn up evry1.y is she wakn up evry1any way? Mayb c doesnt want any1 slpn ther while c is wrkn dat hard. Lol.i dnt knw. Evrytime c nears my rum, i wud thnk dat c is gna bang my door too but she didnt.hmm she loves her youngest son or c knws it vry wel dat i get pissed if woken up early. Nevamind gud4me anyway.hehe.3times in a row c didnt knock my door bt da 4th time c did open da door n askd me2wake up b4 i cud finis my post. Order is order! hv2wake up nw. Thank god ther is lite2day bt who knws when its gna go off. This loadshdn sucks.

Havnt i just said abt loadshdn, i woke up washd my face n abt2warm my tea n ther is no lite. OMG.for thos who hv spnt their lyf witout lite it's nt a big deal bt 4those we hv, it realy sucks.i bet 90% of their enthusiasm2wrk disapears dat includes me. N here cums my mum complainin abt nt wakn up early.i dnt wna argue wit her early in da mrng wit my empty stomach.mayb c is in a mood2fight bt im silent coz dats al i cn do wit an empty stomach. No fud no enery n no energy no capacity2do wrk.i dnt know y im lyn in my bed like a piece a garbage at da side of da road coz lites nt gna cum for 3/4 hrs n my belly cnt stay vacant dat lng. Oh here wokes up my bro slow n silent just like a calmnes b4 storm or a flame b4fire.lol. Da flame just needs some kerosene2multiply n that catalyst is my mum. So b4 da 2 reactants meet up i sud probably hv my tea n get lost. Bt ther is no place2go.i wish i cud just disapear. Runnin away frm my problms wateva u say that's wat im.

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check out my stud. dnt know how it looks just wna try it

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At last my fingers dared to ask my heart-"ok is there anything else that you want me to wirt coz i am tired and i want some rest." you knw what my heart said-" go to sleep smart ass! i would rather not tell you and go thinking about her myself." I cant believe this! you are making my body parts go against each other and you know i can never say no to my heart.

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You love pink and i love blue
you are gemuk and i am kurus
you are short and i am tall
we are defferent but i dont know what binds us together. May be whe have similar heart or may be we just one heart!!

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aaahhh thank god finally i got the rest! hehe. that's my picture at my friends house

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When i go to bed i sear to myself that im going to think less about you tonight. Then i think what are the things that i am not gona think about you. My minds goes on thinking I dont knw what ?and till when?... I woke up in the morning and realised "oh No! I spent another night thinking about you!"

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Someone told me that i have small korean eyes lol do i??

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I dont know what to start a day with- a morning news? a song? or a tea filled cup?? Then i suddenly realised" oh my gosh! I missed you wake me up!"

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seems like i am confortable in this seat huh? this used to be my favourite seat till one day butt ached when my college bus got caught in a traffic jam.Damn! i can barely move in this few inch gap between seats. I dnt know its the seat that's too small or it's my leg too tall!!

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I dont understand what's wrong with me,
the feelings that i have i dnt know why
the crzy it seems the silly it is
then you touched my heart and everyting feels right

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the painting on my tshirt which ached my head for a day but finally i made it.aaahh. it was realy tiresome but i did a good job thank its not all wasted. lol

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yet another nepali new year has passed away. its a time after we played colours. the great BISKET JATRA. here im with my all super kool bros guys

The happiest moment of my life

One cold evening I sad down to write about the happiest moment of my life. I was thinking to write the best essay of all but wasn’t getting the single event that has tickled my nerves, perfect enough to describe. I searched into every minor components of my skull and did my best to find that particular moment that has moved my life, pretty good to remember everyday and that was worth memorizing. The moment when I learnt something simple but significant that brought loads of smiles and joy seems to be missing in my life. At this point of my life, I don’t have any happy moment which means I have not learnt anything in my life and who has?
The day I came into this world I first opened my eyes or the very first day when I knew to smile back to someone was it the happiest moment of my life? But I can hardly remember that moment when my dad first took me on his big arms and played with me. How can my birth be the happiest moment when I was crying and everyone else around me was smiling? When I was young going to school was the most difficult thing to do. I would fight with my mom and each time I go to school I would be crying. On my way back home I would be on my Olympics with my friends to reach the home quickest. Well it was fun but it can no way be the happiest moment of my life. By the time I reached 5th grade we started groupies and there we fights sometimes among ourselves and most of the time with others. That’s when we started nicknaming and mocking even sometimes to the teachers. Those were real fun but we got scold quite often. The moment I didn’t have my meal for 2days just for a new pair of jeans the time I had fight with my best friend and the season when I had crush with this great singer, celine dione after listening her song ‘the power of love' are still fresh in my mind. Those are the moments when I experienced real life (or may be my fantasy) but I bet none of these were the happiest moment.
Reaching grade 10 is the matter of big responsibility. Its is the time when we have to walk under stress and pressure and the time when we have to make best friends to our books. On the contrary this is the same time when we forget our books for extra activities. we started feeling things importance of friends and spend most of our time on a chat with them hanging out filmy gossips etc. is it the happiest moment to forget the responsibilities and ruin the future? The answer is definitely no!
Then where is my precious moment the time which I tried to stop and hold on my arms but has passed? Where is the day whose fragrance still makes my life the best one? The more I grow older the more I miss my opportunities to that happiest moment. Each day I woke up with a new responsibility that I hate to do. Does fulfilling my responsibilities makes me a happy person or on breaking them? I hesitate to think. I want to put no pressure on my brain. And from today I promise not to think about the happiest moment of my life but to make each day happier and important. I will try to make every following day the happier that the previous one no matter whatever it costs!!

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Physics question involving function of time? Please help, this is urgent.?
The volume of an object as a function of time is V(t)=At^3, where A is some constant.Let L and T denote dimensions of length and time. Determine the dimension of the constant A?
multiple choice answers:
1. L^3 x T^3
2. L^2 / T
3. L / T
4. L^3 / T^3
5. L / T^3

the correct option is 4.

Dimensional analysis:
basically there are three dimensions. 1) dimension of mass (M), 2) dimension of length (L) and dimension of time (T). and all other measurements are converted into these three dimension. as for example in the above question volume. the volume is the product of length, breadth and height which means three units of length. so the dimension of length is used three times i.e L^3. also if you want know about the dimension of force then you hav to break down the force in such a way that it contains either or all or any of the above three dimensions.(also nothing more than the above three)
okay lets find out the dimension of force which wil give a clear idea. first of all you must know all the basic formulae of the term of which you are going to find the dimension.
froce= mass *acceleration
=mass*velocity/ time (since, acceleration=velocity/time)
= mass* (distance/time)*1/time (since,velocity=distance/time)
where distance means lengtth. hence we converted force into mass length and time.
therefore the dimension of force is
= ML/T^2

Here is the trick. if u want to knw the dimension of any term then the unit of the term will help alot. As in above case the unit of volume is m^3 which says its dimension is L^3.
i hope its clear to you now. if you still have doubts you can always write to me. i will be more elaboreate.

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Physically fit and healthy emotionally sound, socially well adjusted, mentally stable and psychologically normal are some of the most important traits that i sooth for in my future wife. needless to mention how mhc an individual is ugly, s/he has a quest ot find the prettiest partner in his or her life. thats the human nature and noone can escape from it neither can i.
what i hunt for in my soulmate is the 'beauty with brain'. beauty doesnt necessarily mean a figure of 36-24-36 but if its then that would be an added quality. a girl with a parallet structure can also look beautiful. dark short hair with half grey coloured, pulled over eye lashes, wiht the strong perfumes spreayed all oer the body and wearing a sleeveless shirt on jeans followed by a heavy sandles- i loath these girls more than anyth0ing else. i would love home made rice wine to gillmary or bagpiper.i dont say make up and good looking are unimportant but i the name of making up oneself shouldnt be pouring all the newly invented and imported cosmetics and all the things in th body. the only outcome is awful and horrible. for me a well dressed bright face and a megawatt smile is prety enough to make my day.
those couples who talk to each ohter instead of talking at each other have the best conjugal life. my dream mate must be understanding, co-operative and skillful. she is the home minister of my family so hse must know about the family management and should be able to handle our sex life efficiently. if she doent know anything about family planning no matter i will teach her. she must be able to provide me any kind of pleasure. she should be able to give better parantage to our child (as i have decided to have only one offspring). if there's one thing that i cant stand its the bad tempered mother. my darling must be sharing her every secrets to me during our private time. she must have faith on me. the formost thing is she must have an everlasting interest on me.
though its very difficult to find a single person with all the qualities i have dicussed i can help my wife develop some of them after the amrriage. for our understanding first of all i must be reliable. the initiatives must be done by me to get the above qualities. over all my life partner must keep in mind not to let me down so that i can say proudly- 'that's my wife.'

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(this poem was written on the request of my friend. hope you like it)
Dont know
how to say and
cant understand
how to spell,
but ,
i know i have to say
if you dont nderstand
my silent adoration
i hve to speak
if you dont hear
my heart reverbirating your name
i have to tell
if you dont get my bangles chiming for you
my eyes shining to see you and
my earrings dancing infront of you
i have to confess
all from my sould and my heart
at the purity in thoughts
with all these magical words
that i care about you alot.

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only if i could-
i would have shown you
how my life changed from rainy to spring
wiht your faint smile.

i would have shown you
how i shifted from vacant to fullness
at your sngle glance

only if i could-
i would hace told you
why did my heart spring up
as i saw you

i would have told you
why did my heart pound
as i neared you

only if i could-
i would have explained you
what did i go through
throughtout the whole year

i would have explained you
what did i want to confess
at this moment

only if i could!!

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From the loneliness i stood up once more
I feel like in my teens though im old
after a long wait i get hte sun shine
and its all cause i met you again!

The sky was neither deep blue before
nor had the laughter breezed with air
I find the pleasure in the bed of pains
and its all cause i met you again!

love embraces me and sucess on my lap
irritable i was once now a placid chp
now i feel we are forever friends
and its all cause i met you again!

spring has stepped in agter a long
nightingle on the tree wiht love song
Life was a hurdle now its plane
and its all cause i met you again!

Days are never felt like this
someone wakes me up wiht a morning kiss
now i have known to me what you mean
and its all cause i met you again!