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As I lay motionlessly in my bed trying to rest my aching back, the only thing my mind is busy with is its futile persuit in tracting the rotation of pain at different points. Like I stated in my previous post, my resentful iterative schedule has made my life monotonous.Though I dont loathe it completely, I have a feeling some of the inevitable parts have been completely left over. Its not that I am not aware of the consequences. I dont seem to find a way to carry them out concurrently. 7 hour ( from 11am to 6pm ) and six days a week job is an inseparable daily event which flags me at the end of the day. Upto 8am occupies my irreplaciable activites ie morning walk and a paper. A few minutes revision and a breakeast leaves me with the scant amount of transit time hardly enough for listening to a song or two. The excitement during forging through the city traffic to reach home vanishes after I put down my dinner plate and coil inside the blanket. The enthusiasm to read begins to wane as I am engrossed into the heat. Though I always have some energy in reserved in case I want to be online in my cellphone or update my facebook status. I must not forget the electricity which I have not known, seen or used for two days. Its no suprise I have to manage everything in dark and believe me I dont feel it arduous at all that way. I have been doing this for quite a long time and I know I am good at changing my clothes, unlacing my shoes and removing my shocks all in dark. Not only that, I never misplace them. The only thing I couldn't put in place is my mind. Not that my goals in life are not lucid but tedious climax of each day steals of away from responsibilities. I must change it but I dont know seem to find a way and it starts to feel like I am on a journey to an inaccessible place.