11:23:00 AM

GUESS I'm back!

created by Ram |

Yeah it took really long time. I have been busy with my stuff -the job,preparation for GRE and all the personal problems which I hate to even think about. Man lots of things have been changed. How long has it been? 3 months? 4? Or half a year? When i look back i wonder what held me back for all these times from writing. May be the feelings dont come to me anymore. Mayb they over flowed and i dont seem to find a way to collect them and spill it here. Whatever be it, I surely didnt have enough time to ruminate and scribble whats in my mind. But how could I give up what i love most. At the end of everything this is what is left for myself. I have found somethig after loosing a lot of things (a exorbitant price paid) now i will be talking about all of it in days to come.