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The start of the day says how the whole day is going to be. I would not call it a total pissed of morning rather I had a lot of rest and time to surf net. The beginning was enthusiastic. Later when I had to spend one and half an hour waiting for the bus which gets me to changu Narayan, my job site, I had a feeling that my day is spoiled. I hate to wait even when it is to my friends but this was the worst wait I ever did. For a sec I thought of taking a leave for a day today. But I waited; I don’t know where the word called patience came to me today. I was destined to reach late and I did as well. Of course I was expecting the questioning face of my chief. Then came my 2km walk, which was not worst but real tiresome, to the lab site. I was supposed to learn to make the lab report from the senior lab technician and since I arrived late, he had already finished it. Bad luck for me or maybe not. The virus has affected pc so much that there is no option than formatting it. He needed to make the report again and that I will definitely be there the next time hehe. My quest to learn total station was fulfilled today. I learnt layout but still need to learn to collect the cross section data, its not going to take me long anyway :). My other responsibility was to manipulate the cross section data and generate the reduced level of each location. It was a piece of cake for me but the three hundred data took me a lot of time I didn’t even realize its late or over time; I should say; though I don’t get paid for OT HEHE. Here again time for me to wait for the bus my most irritating part of job. :). On my way to home all I thought was to get home quick before the clinic gets close so as to get the insulin for my mom. Thank god I am not too late. Now I am preparing dinner somehow relaxed my hectic day is going to be over. Good night all.