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10th November. Yesterday I had a wonderful night. It was so great probably better than making out with someone lol!! I didn’t sleep for more than three hours but I didn’t have a hang over in the morning. But to let me know there is calmness before every storm god had planned something fro me this day. I, unaware of how my day is going to turn out to be, had an enthusiastic start of –typing what I have written in my paper for my assignment.. I had planned everything by the way. Will finish typing by eight have it sent to pen drive and the only thing would remain is print it and submit it to the teacher that’s of course I am going to do in college. Everything was going perfect and as per my schedule in fact I finish it before eight, word count showed it within 1000 words excellent ; increasing more might not have been a problem what more could I ask for. I saved my assignment and I am happy that I finished it but it didn’t last long. As I inserted pen drive in USB port my pc freeze and so does my happiness. But wait a minute- the mouse and keyboard are still working. You can’t ruin my day- May be my pc needs sometime or just toying around with me. Better be working quick or get ready to get smacked!! Oh I forgot to stop scanning by Symantec that I just updated. But what's this. it’s detecting virus in system32. But why this antivirus does have problem when I don’t mind how many virus my pc has. I wish it could understand my feelings that I am in the middle of something. I have an important assignment to print and submit. Kaspersky has been giving trouble fro past few days. Every time I open the internet it says that kaspersky is blacklisted version. Yes! The very great anti virus that I have been seeing on most of the hoarding boards of KTM city. That’s why it’s on sale for such a minimum price. Oh boy!! What am I going to do now? I am not giving up that fast. Let’s see who is smarter me or u (my pc). I have an idea!! If I turn off my pc and then open it again it, it will be normal. Why not give it a shot? So I turn off my pc. When I started it again it didn’t. What happens when a monkey tries to outsmart? Gets his nuts cut!!! Damn it. My pc has never helped me when I am in need so why would it this time? I tried every way out- switched on and off for more than 10 times, remove n replacing RAM but all in vain. My bro was already out so there’s no one handy. I felt like kicking CPU and I would if I hadn’t loved her. Guess she doesn’t love me as much as I do. I left her naked didn’t even want to put on the side cover or casing whatever its called as I was getting late to catch my college bus.
The bus was supposed to arrive 15 minutes early to avoid daily traffic during office hour. I was in hurry and hungry as well so get myself a big plate but didn’t eat the lunch more than half of it. Its not because I didn’t want to eat but because the food had no taste. I and my bro have been leaving our plate half untouched for two weeks just to let my mom know that she is not cooking well but she didn’t seem to show any attention about why her kids are not eating whatever she cooked. May be she is busy with something else, I didn’t know, or may be she don’t understand what we are trying to tell her though our action or I should have used my words to tell her. But I would rather not tell her and eat out. Don't want to break her heart hehe!! And she is happy she doesn’t need to cook lol. I don’t want to let her know coz its better if she knows by herself-Can’t ask anyone to do things for me hehe. I just want her to want to do things. Stupid huh I don't know hehe Anyway by the time I reached my station I could find none of my bus mates. Have I just missed the bus? I was just early. My friend came later and together we waited. Unfortunately the bus didn’t come today and we had to board local bus. Not a big deal but when It stopped after 30 min in the middle of huge line, we were forced to get off and walk then. What a day I am having? Actually we got a vehicle that took us our college though I am already half an hour late. But its ok I'm used to it. Can’t complain the city traffic!
The deadline for the submission of assignment was shifted till Sunday at least that was good news. By the time I travelled a long distance from home to college, my common cold virus had travelled short distance from my nose to throat. It Seems like I got a passive virus but not anymore. It started attacking my esophagus making it itchy and here I stated coughing whole day. My body started responding and every time I cough I felt like my diaphragm is out. I spent a day just like an 80 years old man coughing to death. My eyes show me as if I have been sleeping whole day or as though I overslept. I looked so damn messy that’s really embarrassing. In the class I took the seat towards north so as to keep myself near to sunlight. During whole lecture 50% of my attention was to control the cough. My face some how red because of cough and all I wanted was to get home have medicine and just go to sleep. And I did get home with a little struggle inside the bus but that’s the part of my life- till I'm here I can’t escape from it. I had my dinner early this time I ate a lot and didn’t throw a single grain because I was very hungry. After that all I remembered was me collapsing into my bed. End of my bad day I thought but wait a min. it hasn’t yet. I had to use internet and finish my portion of hydro power project work. Here comes again my beloved one who is just ditched me this morning. I was sure my pc isn’t going to talk to me today but to my surprise it did and asked for my password. I logged in; all geared up for the work. My enthusiasm didn’t last long because there was no network at all. What a day!!! I informed my friend that I can’t do the work. Thank god someone else was available. Now all I wanted was to get rid of this day. By this time my bro moved into my room because his room was chilly and said he couldn’t sleep. We brought down his bed coz he knows I wont allow him to share my bed lol. That’s why he slept in his bed and me in my bed both in my room. He was invading my privacy- invading my peaceful environment to be specific. He snored the whole night as if it was his room, letting me listen to his heavy metal snore. Listening to him snore I didn’t know when I went to sleep!

The term technology means the process or the art by which human beings fashion tool and machines for better control and understanding of environment so as to ease their own lives. This shows the in depth relationship between the technological development and society. It is the well known fact that the technological development is nothing but the outcome of the need of society to perform particular task. Hence it can be said that the technological development came into existence only because there are social problems. These social problems that has hindered the human lives and limited them in performing certain tasks (that were believed impossible before technological development) helps in giving birth to the new technology. The existing systems or the life styles have some limitation; some misconceptions which are to be changed for the betterment of mankind and that is how an innovation is initiated.
Social problem is the condition of a society which is created due to the misconception or ill information of the people living in the society that affects certain groups of the society. Most of the social problems are those which weren’t considered as a social problem in the past and it is equally likely that the situation that is acceptable now may be revealed as a social problem in future. This revelation of social problem is done by the technological development. The social problems, as we know it now, were not a social problem in the past because of the lack of knowledge and incapability in distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. The technological development provided us light, sight and insight to observe and analysis not only the benefits of a group of people but also the cons in the lives of those suffered. A caste system in Nepal can be also the example to support what is explained above. This caste system (i.e. distinguishing a group of people from another) was imposed in Nepal in history in order to distribute the works throughout the nation so as an efficient development of the country can be achieved, people were differentiated in the name of caste as higher level or lower level and they perform the work as per their caste. This system made sure everyone has his own work according to his caste and the system was felt well till the time came when the discrimination started. The people working on low wages are then started to be seduced, misused, abuse and no longer treated as a member of society. The system originated the problem in inter caste marriage, respect on job and created a social violence. And with the technological development people started getting education and conscious about the lives they are living. The caste system that were considered best way to allocate works has now been proved to be a social problem but the irony is we still have the system of separate people in the name of caste and creed. Not only in Nepal, the segregation of people in two groups within black in Africa created a bizarre scene and mass massacre as the groupies outbreak in the name of political issues.
Slavery system which may either be in the form of Indians enslaved by British or Nepali enslaved by Ranas, is also social problem but till people knew how to read and write or speak for themselves it was nothing wrong to have or be a slave. Even slaves thought that its their bad omen and they might have done something wrong in the previous life which is why they are slaves in this life. But as the technological development progressed it was felt essential to abolish the slavery system. The invention of books, newspapers and knowledge of people made them realize the bad aspects of slavery system and give them positive thoughts about themselves and about what deserve. Apart from these, segregation in accordance to the sex, child labor, polygamy, alcoholism and many more are the social problems unmasked by the technological development. There was the time when women were treated as the second class of society as dominated by men, and we all must admit it still is in most of our society. Child labor wasn’t a social problem until new research show that they can adversely affect the child psychology. Polygamy is also an example of male based society, where a man can have as many wives as he wants but the present educated women can hardly tolerate it. The existence of law and order has prevented to some extent but it still can’t restrict a married man form having sex with other than his wife. Though polygamy has been considered as crime in most of the country, a married man sleeping with other women except his wife is still allowed now. This should surely be termed as a very serious social problem in future as the technological development continues. Similarly, alcoholism was an act of being social in the past which hasn’t been changed completely, is a social problem now and to some extent its control is being carried out.
And hence the unmasking of social problem continues as the technological development booms. Without the technological development people would still have been in dark and unknown about the situation they are living.