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4D movie the first time in Nepal

created by Ram |



My day started with a plan to finish the unfinished job – helping my friend to complete his letters for Endeavour Scholarship for Australia. I reached his home at 10 if I am not not mistaken. BY 1:15 , everything was complete and that’s when my other friend called. We had a plan to make some plans for the saturday- something new I should say.

When we met he already had a plan in his mind. He offered a 4D movie to watch the first time in Nepal. and that’s too the first day though not the first show. I agreed and ready to watch the movie. we both didn’t know what’s the difference between a 3D and 4D movie. We reached Kamalpokhari – the place where the movie was on. Paying 300 each, we waited for half an hour all curious to know what its like to watch a 4D movie. By 2:30 we were in, seated and ready for the new experience. In few minutes all the audience were surprised when suddenly the seat tilted backwards. and as the front bar moved towards us just above the chest everything was set to began the show. for two minutes the seat moved back and forth giving me an illusion of riding a roller coaster though I have never been on it. hehe.  then here comes the first movie “ Mind maze” I don’t remember the name hehehe. the casting was a moving train and all the audience are the passengers. as the watchman in the movie applied applied brake, our seat jerked forth giving us an illusion of actually being inside the train. The old watchman, in his tone trying to threaten us but not successful, at least I’m not scared. :D This is the beginning with a 3D movie.The next would be a 4D .

Here comes the tunnel now, the seats swaying left to right as the train changes its direction. we experienced few jerks with the bumpy road and collision with the objects on the road. Different creatures on the railway track disturbed our journey. i nearly jumped when the small tubes underneath my feet crawl inside my legs – the coincidence was I was on slippers without socks. As one of the insect sprayed its poison, the water is sprayed on our face through a small opening at the front pipe. At the end  when the train smashed with the wall we could see the real smoke in the room. But finally we got out of the tunnel safe.;) For the next part, why not visit the new mall and watch it for new experience!!!