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match-made-in-heaven        Last week, I heard news about a European guy marrying an Italian girlfriend after they planned to meet after 15 years. They were in love 15 years back when they were together but due to reason that they are from different country they had to separate from each other. That time the guy happened to send a love letter to his girlfriend which was lost somewhere inside her house. It was this love letter, which was found after all this year when the house was about to be renovated that helped the girl call his boyfriend once again to try her luck. It was definitely the match made in heaven -the guy has been waiting for her. Something never changes for someone after we have shared the best moment of life with him/her. The promises we have made and all the things we have said never fades away. If the love we have promised are really true and deepest from our heart, the love we promised to give each other forever from true heart remains the same though we are not together.

       "What would you do if I come meet you when you are 60? ""I'll punch you right on your face for being so late ", "we'll make love all day and night when we get old " "yeah that would be a good exercise ", "you are my first and you are my last love " these things might be forgotten for some times but they will definitely strike us at some point in future because they are not meant to be forgotten.